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Integrating Technology into the Language Classroom

No description

Nancy Carter

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of Integrating Technology into the Language Classroom

Integrating Technology into the Language Classroom

Mobile Devices
Social Media
Web 2.0
social construction of knowledge

Creation of written work
and teacher feedback

encourages the development of a transferable skill
Audio comments are more personable and effective for macro/global writing issues (Silva 2012)
can mirror the way learners will receive feedback if they join H.E in their L2
Can allow one to one conferencing face to face

More time to spend 1:1 helping students
Builds stronger student/teacher relationships
Offers a way for teachers to share information with other faculties, cover teachers, students, parents, and the community easily
Produces the ability for students to “rewind” lessons and master topics. A more effective whole than an audio recording of a lecture.
Creates a collaborative/active learning environment in the classroom

Would it be appropriate for your future teaching context?
Do you think receiving the grammar input before class would benefit students?
How would it affect your teaching?
The Flipped Classroom
Interactive Whiteboards
Stages towards incorporating technology
Identify your lesson aims
Decide what student/teacher roles would be appropriate to achieve those aims
Consider the balance between traditional teaching and technology
Consider the balance between TTT and STT
Develop appropriate activities
Choose the appropriate technology
Consider how this technology will affect your classroom management techniques
appeal to visual and kinaesthetic learners
allow teachers to easily control what is seen by the learners
can allow incorporation of multi-media
may encourage a teacher-centred classroom
Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs)
Taxonomy of Educational Apps
Voice Recorders
Newland, B (2014)
Mobile Learning
Second Life
Both learning and the use of technology:

involve a social process

are situated within particular situations or contexts

are reflective (require time)

are multi-faceted (incorporate a range of theory and engagement)
Luke Wroblewski 2013 [CC BY-SA 2.0]

adapted from Newland, B. (2014)
Blended Learning
tech Smith http://www.techsmith.com/flipped-classroom.html
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