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Powell v. Alabama

No description

elise donlin

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Powell v. Alabama

facts of the case/overview
March 31, 1932 six men are on trial for
sexual assault
Alabama law
: the defendant must speak to their lawyers before the trial
consultant time
did not take place
What the court did wrong
Did the trials violate the
14th and 6th
Was the trial just and fair?
Were the defendants denied the right to
before a trial?
Arguments (defendant)
plead innocent
Court's decision
November 7, 1932
7:2 ruling to
revoke the defendant's death penalty
the court set a precedent that anyone facing a death sentence
must be guaranteed
the 14th amendment.

Because of this landmark case the 14th and 6th Amendment is
required for every citizen.
The defendants did not know their rights and could not advocate
for themselves
Arguments (Alabama)
claims the sixth amendment applies to
federal courts only
Powell v. Alabama 1932
Chief of justice, Anderson
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