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Intro to Strengths

No description

Ron Soos

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Intro to Strengths

responsibility Battle of the sexes!! Introduction to Strengths Objectives To help you understand:
Origin and Definition
all 34 themes
why do we bother?
your unique talents
how to manage weaknesses Focus on
You Let's get to know each other... What Are Strengths? Talent (Gallup) A recurring pattern, thought, feeling, or behaviour "A Strength is something that strengthens you." [Buckingham] Two Million Interviews A study of excellence
in all job types 34 ...of the most prevalent themes of human talent Talent Skill Knowledge Productively Applied + Strength Personal Reflection
and Growth Coaching / Managing 198,000 Employees in 8000 Business Units [Gallup]

"At work do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day"

Those who answered "Strongly Agree"

50% more likely lower turnover
38% more likely more productive
44% more likely higher customer satisfaction

"Over time, business units that increased the numbers of employees who answered "Strongly Agree" saw comparable increases in productivity, customer loyalty and employee retention." "Consistent, near perfect performance in an activity" [Gallup] Focus your energy on doing what you do best.

Stop worrying so much about your weaknesses. Weakness Fixing Prevents Failure

Strengths Building Leads to Success... words per minute average reader above average reader 90 350 Speed reading training Your Unique Talents
(Handout) Explain two of your Top Five Themes
On your turn, choose a theme that hasn't yet been discussed 3 Important
Questions 1. Aren't we really all alike?

2. Doesn't everyone see the
world the way I do?

3. Are talents really enduring? Barrier Labels Talents "turned up too high"

for example... Command
Communication Weaknesses Manage Around Them! 1. Can you stop doing it

2. Find a Partner

3. Use a strength to
overpower a weakness

4. Design a support system

5. Get a little better so you
don't stumble Thank You!! The Gallup Path at Engaged
Rackers Rackers are encouraged to do what they do best every day... Engaged
Customers RAX real profit
increase Stock
Increase An engaged employee is... Emotionally connected
Psychologically committed Identify
Strengths the
right fit great
managers ...we friggin' LOVE
Rackspace! List the TOP FIVE THEMES for men women MEN
5. achiever
input words per minute average reader above average reader 90 150 350 2,900 Speed reading training sustainable growth presented by:
Poonam Verma Who's in the room?... 1. How long have you been a racker?

2. What is your level of understanding of

3. Why are you a Racker? Wait...Whaaaat??!! <
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