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on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Ferrari

What was your motivation for making Ferrari?

Did you have a wife?

When was your son, Dino, born?

Was Dino your only child?

How did you start Ferrari?
Enzo Ferrari had a positive impact on society, making an awesome car company. We remember him because he makes famous sports cars for racing and leisure driving. "He created some of the world's fastest and most beautiful cars." His cars are still made today. They are a symbol of financial success because they are very expensive cars.
By A.T. McKenna

Colby Harper
Non-Fiction Book Presentation

8th Grade Language Arts
1st Period
Ferrari was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1946

Enzo had a partner, and many other people, who helped make the company a success

Ferrari is Italy's Sports Car

The color people think of when they hear "Ferrari" is

Enzo Ferrari named a car after his dead son, Dino

Dino's favorite engine was a V-6
Enzo's favorite engine was a V-12

February 18, 1898
Enzo Ferrari was born just outside of Modena, Italy
Enzo Resigns from Alpha Romeo
After 20 years of test driving, racing, engineering and managing for Alpha Romeo, Enzo Ferrari resigns from the company.

Enzo Ferrari began building cars under is own name in 1946 and became the founder of Ferrari. Enzo had a partner, Luigi Chinetti, who helped him build the company. There were also many other people, including Enzo's son, who helped contribute to the success of Ferrari.
May 11, 1947
The first Ferrari sports car was introduced to the public in Maranello, Italy. The two models shown were a two-seat Spyder Corsa and a roadster. Both cars had V-12 engines.
Barchettas & Cabriolets
Enzo's partner, Luigi Chinetti, convinced Enzo to offer cars for both road and track. The Barchetta was a cross between a road car and a racing car. It was called a touring car. The Cabriolet was a convertible road car that looked like the Barchetta without a roof. It was Ferrari's first convertible.
Ferrari Racing
Ferrari sports cars have a long history of racing, but they went to compete in the Indianapolis 500 for the first time in 1952.
The Dino
Enzo Ferrari's son, Dino, died from muscular dystrophy. Dino designed V-8, V-6 and V-4 engines but V-6 engines were his favorite. Enzo built the Dino 206 in honor of his son in 1956.
Early 1970's
The Boxer
Ferrari introduced the 365 Berlinetta Boxer. This was a mid-engined Ferrari that was made of steel and aluminum. The 365 Boxer did not meet the strict safety and pollution laws in the U.S. so it was never sold here. It was later replaced by the 512 Berlinetta Boxer, which is still one of the most popular of all Ferraris.
The Testarossa
This model was introduced to the world at the 1984 Paris Auto Show.
The Wild Ride - F40
The F40 was a celebration of Ferrari's 40th anniversary ("F" for Ferrari and "40" for forty years). It was the last car Enzo Ferrari designed before he died.
I am proud of the legacy I am leaving behind by creating and building Ferrari, a successful car company that is known worldwide. Ferrari is a car company that creates, designs and builds successful sports cars for the road and for racing on the track. The unique designs and construction of my cars makes them highly desired cars and a status symbol for those who are fortunate enough to own one.
Enzo Ferrari
Enzo Ferrari behind the wheel of a race car
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