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Country: Abaet'

No description

Efigenia Barcinas

on 6 September 2014

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Transcript of Country: Abaet'

Land Size: Large-Australia (Continent/Country)

Population: Around 10,000,000

Land Size and Population
Decisions are made with majority vote within a tribunal—a total of 5 members.
The 5 Districts
Country: Abaet'

Alyssa SanNicolas, Brandon Lujan, Aubrey Pablo, Efigenia Barcinas, and Tihu Lujan
District 1-Brandon
District 2-Aubrey
District 3-Efigenia
District 4-Alyssa
District 5-Tihu

Citizens Participation in Government
Will it be necessary to choose leaders? How will you do it?
It is necessary, and leaders are elected by the citizens.

What will happen to people who disagree with the leaders?
If the citizens' opinions becomes an issue, such as being a possible threat to the welfare of others, they will be dealt with accordingly by the law enforcement assigned by the tribunal.

No one person is in charge, country is controlled by the tribunal.

Will it be necessary for individuals to have their own land or property?
It is not necessary; however, citizens can purchase their own land or property. Pricing and size depends on the district you live in.

If decisions cannot be met within tribunal, the citizens are allowed a majority vote to make the decision instead.

Citizens choose the members tribunal, and each member is in charge of their appointed district within the country.
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