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Dominican Republic

No description

Kaylee P.

on 8 March 2011

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Transcript of Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Location and Region Physical Features *Central and Middle America *Island of Hispianola *600 miles Southeast from Miami, FL *Atlantic Ocean along northern shores *Caribbean Sea along southern shores A tropical getaway for visitors around the globe *Valleys
*Lakes *Two Important Rivers:
*Yaque Del Norte
*Yaque Del Sur Valleys:
*Cibao valley
*Vega Real Major Human Features The Castle of Colon
Ozama Fortress
Tower of Homage Cathedral of Santa Maria la Menor Human Environment Interaction *Dominicans rely heavily on the environment,
especially for tourism and agriculture. *Because of climate and environment, many miles of coastline are converted into resorts *1000's of acres of land used for the growth of crops like sugar, coffee, and tobacco. Language *Official Language: Spanish
*Strongly resembles Castalian Spanish from Spain
*Influenced by Taino and Arawak languages
*As a result, have adopted words such as 'patata, tobaco, hamaca,
and canoa.
*Words also adopted by English language Government *Current government: a Representative Democracy.
*Consists of a Judicial branch, a Legislative Branch, and Executive branch.
*Legislative Branch: Senate and Chamber of Deputies
*Judicial Branch: Supreme Court, consists of 16 members
*President elected to serve four year terms
Current president: Leonel Fernandez Reyna
*Military: Army, Navy, and Air Force
*Two political parties: the Reformist Party (PR) and the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD). President Leonel Reyna Economy *Annual GDP: $84.94 Billion
*In recent years, shifting from being agriculturally oriented to service oriented, especially in tourism.
Santo Domingo *Four different Ranges:
Cordillera Septentrional
Cordillera Central
Sierra De Neiba
Cordillera Oriental *Mountains cover 80% percent of country Lakes:
*Lake Enriquillo Dominican Flag sugarcane, coffee, cotton, cocoa, tobacco, rice, beans, potatoes, corn, bananas; cattle, pigs, dairy products, beef, eggs * Major Agriculture exports: * Major Industries: tourism, sugar processing, ferronickel and gold mining, textiles, cement, tobacco Percent of citizens living below poverty line:
42% Education *87% of the Dominican is literate.
*Law requires children to attend 6 years of 'Primary School.'
*Children start Primary school at the age of 7.
*Primary school is not available in some areas, causing 13% of the country to be illerate
*Secondary school not required. Started at age of 13.
*Only one public university in the Dominican Republic: the
Autonomous University of Santo Domingo. Autonomous University of
Santo Domingo. Dominican schoolroom. Family Religion *The two primary religions: Roman Catholic
and Protestant.
*A small percentage practices voodoo.
*Majority of Dominicans claim to be Roman Catholic, though
few attend Mass on a regular basis.
*For those who do attend, church is a formal, family affair.
*International Debt has left churches understaffed and underfunded
*Number of people attending church is dwindling. *Non-nuclear family- whole families in one house
*cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents, several generations living in small huts and shacks * Public marriages free
* Dominicans marry young, around ages 19-to early 20s
*Higher divorce rate
*Typically big families with lots of kids Technology *Currency: Dominican Peso
* 1 U.S dollar= 37 pesos *In resort areas, technology is similar and up-to-date with ours.
*Outside of resorts, technology is limited.
*limited amount of cars and cellphones, mostly for upper class.
*Internet almost non-existent outside of resort areas.
*Type of technology in resort areas: tvs, phones,sometimes computers.
*Cars are rare; most Dominicans ride scooters or bikes, if they can afford
them. Dominican on bike Current International Issues *Illegal immigration of Haitian refugees since Haiti Earthquake

*They are a major port for illicit drugs destined for Europe and the U.S because
of their location
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