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Trinidad and Tobago's Steelpan

Presentation for World Music class on Steelpan in Trinidad and Tobago

Mia Gormandy

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Trinidad and Tobago's Steelpan

Trinidad and Tobago
Two Islands, One Country
Population: 1.2 million
Government: Parliamentary Democracy
Main Language: English
Historical Overview
England - 1802
Spain - 1498
Africa - Slavery
India: 1845 - 1917
18th - 19th century
Historical Overview
Dr. Eric Williams
"Father of the Nation"
Independence, 1962
Music of Trinidad and Tobago
Tassa Drumming
Best Village
From African Drums to Steelpan
African Drumming in Trinidad and Tobago
Used for ceremonial purposes
Were banned by the British
Communicate with their Gods - Shango, Ogun and Ye-Manja.
They feared that the Africans were organizing a revolt through drum messages
They wanted to convert Africans to Christianity
African Drum Ban led to performances on the Tamboo Bamboo
Tamboo Bamboo
Made of Bamboo Stems
Member of the grass family that exists among the
fastest growing plants on land
Created a new avenue to produce rhythmic sounds like those from the African drums
Ensembles were formed
Rivalry among the ensembles arose and the tamboo bamboo instruments were used as violent weapons
Another ban was placed
Invention of the Steelpan
Africans experimented to find a melodic and rhythmic instrument
Primarily used biscuit pans due to its sounds that they were able to produce
Experimentation with oil drums, present from World War II
The Development
Experimentation with...
Convex to concave
Tuning (Overtones)
Skirt length
Sticks (mallets
Many other aspects...
The Steelband
Major Steelband Festivals
The largest steelband competition in the world!
Takes place during Carnival time.
Kiddies Carnival
Soca Monarch
Dimanche Gras
J'overt and Parade
Mas on the Streets
World Music Festival
Bands from around the world compete against each other
Classical music is the main focus
Historically Significant (Pan Stands)
Modernization of the Steelpan
Percussive Harmonic Instrument (P.H.I.)
Electronic Pan
Trinidad and Tobago Tourism
Pan! - Trailer
International Soca Monarch Competition
-- Annual soca competition that takes place on Carnival Friday in Trinidad and Tobago

-- Two categories: Power soca monarch and Groovy soca monarch

-- Some popular soca artists: Machel Montano, Super Blue, Bunji Garlin, Fay-Ann Lyons, Destra, Benjai.
Calypso Monarch
-- Calypso competition held annually in Trinidad and Tobago during the Carnival season (only open to nationals)

-- Compete with 2 calypsos that showcase current events in Trinidad and Tobago, or the world

-- Popular calypsonians: Lord Kitchener, Mighty Sparrow, Singing Sandra, Black Stalin

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