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TOK Presentation

No description

Bianca Salgado

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of TOK Presentation

Jennifer Lawrence talks body image
In what ways do our emotions affect our perception?
6th grade
Tumblr girl
In what ways does media censorship affect our culture?
Censorship - the practice of officially examining books, movies, etc., and suppressing unacceptable parts.
Media - the main means of mass communication (esp. television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet) regarded collectively
In what ways does the media influence our perception?
Perception - the way you think about or understand someone or something
Real Life Situation
Disney Channel star that was pushed to have the perfect image
Dealt with eating disorder, self harm and bipolar disorder
" I've spent two years getting over an eating disorder and issues like self-harming. Unlike a person who doesn't have these problems, I have to work on this stuff everyday."
" I want girls to know that it's okay when they grow up and their body changes."
Shake it Up "I could just eat you up, well if I ate."
TOK Presentation
U.S. Skins vs. UK Skins
U.S commercials vs. UK commercial
Real Life Situation
Magazine Editorials
Jennifer Lawrence
Photo shopping
"Perfect image"
"Hollywood Life by Bonnie Fuller." Hollywood Life. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Mar. 2014.
Piazza, Jo. "Demi Lovato Says Disney Promotes Unhealthy Body Images to Young Girls." Fox News. FOX News Network, 27 Dec. 2011. Web. 07 Mar. 2014.
"Tumblr." Self+harm. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Mar. 2014.
Bianca Salgado
U.S. vs. UK
Media censorship isn't necessary to our culture because our society is aware of these things that are trying to be censored.
Emotions affect our perception on the harsh realities, but can make us more aware of situations
The media trying to influence our perception is causing a negative affect on our society.
Lyrics and Tv Shows
Papa Roach's Last Resort
This Love by Maroon 5
MTV Shows
Total Drama Island in UK vs. U.S.
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