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Plot Outline A&K

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Plot Outline A&K

The Outsiders
This is our plot outline for the book, "The Outsiders"
Plot Outline Tony & Kyson
Rising Action
Falling Action
Dally goes to the rumble even though he was in the hospital, Two-Bit smashes his knuckles open, and Pony gets a concussion from being kicked in the head by a Soc
Pony got sick with a cuncussion from getting kicked in the head at the rumble and so he was in bed for a few days that he can't remember, so when he wakes up Darry goes to make him some soup and Soda sits next to him in the bed and talks with him.
Pony gets jumped
We meet the gang
They go to the movie and meet Cherry and Maria
Pony and Johnny go to live in the church
Pony tell the girls about Johnny being jumped
Went to Dally and get the gun and cash so Johnny and Ponyboy can run away
Darry hits Pony and he runs away with Johnny to the fountain where the group of Socs jump them and Johnny stabs Bob
Bob dies
They see the socs that left the girls after getting drunk when they are walking them home
Johnny and Pony fall asleep in the lot
The church burns down and Pony and Johnny go in to save the little kids and Dally goes to save them, and Johnny gets smashed by a big piece of wood, Pony gets his jacket set on fire but no major injury, and Dally burned his arm badly
Johnny and Dally go to the hospital and they find out about the rumble that will happen against the Socs and the Greasers
Its a sword...
Dally takes Pony and they get in his car and go to the hospital where they see Johnny who dies after saying "Stay gold" to Pony, Dally freaks out and runs away, so Pony walks home to see the rest of the gang was there
Dally robs the grocery store and calls Darry to tell him to meet him at the lot, and when the cops come, he pulls out his unloaded gun and puts it in the air and the fuzz shoot him where he dies before he even hits the ground
Llama approves this message
Tony's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Randy comes to visit him and they and up going to court for bob and his murder, but also for if Darry is taking care of the boys and seeing if Soda and Ponyboy are going to need to go to a home.
Pony's grades drop and so if he gets a good grade on his theme for the end of the year he will pass english so he starts the theme as the start of the book, so the book is the theme
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