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Exploring the Use of Dashboards and Business Intelligence Tools for Analysis, Operations, and Reporting

First, uncommented results

John Hilley

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Exploring the Use of Dashboards and Business Intelligence Tools for Analysis, Operations, and Reporting

60 Data Matters in association with Patmos Consulting www.patmosconsulting.com The Landscape Exploring the Use of Dashboards and Business Intelligence Tools for Analysis, Operations, and Reporting Telling Your Story TN Primary Care Association
Leadership Conference
October 25, 2012 Prepared for
Finance we build a dashboard at this point of presentation...
Clinical Quality? Dashboard Dive: Productivity we build a dashboard at this point of presentation... The visual nature of dashboard graphics can help you tell your story (e.g. quality and productivity improvements) to those who are less familiar than you are with your clinic operations:
Your Board (meeting materials)
Existing and potential patients
clinical outreach and
health educational pieces
Your community
Foundations and other funders
Regulators The healthcare landscape is rapidly shifting and safety net clinics represent one of the major pinch points
Major gains in quality standards will be likely in the commercial sector due to Accountable Care Organizations and other Value-Purchasing initiatives.
Safety net organizations cannot expect their mission to insulate them from similar demands in your market segment; you must get a positive story out that you represent first quality and good productivity to assure that payers and funders continue to consider you go-to resource for the populations you have served so well. With staff involvement and commitment, dashboards and quality initiatives can help you better position your clinic to enhance the mission you have undertaken. Alignment of Resources Ashish K. Jha*,  Arnold M. Epstein and E. John Orav Harvard University
…the value-based purchasing program of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services rewards both improvements in care and high achievement. Our findings (Oct 2011) show that safety-net providers, which care for vulnerable populations, start at a lower baseline for performance and should have the ability to improve and receive full payments for quality under the program. But will they improve?
The data on whether safety-net providers can improve as effectively as others are mixed.1,2 Our study raises another concern: The care provided by safety-net providers is generally far more costly than that provided by other hospitals. We cannot be sure whether safety-net providers’ higher costs are due to poor quality management or to the fact that their patient population requires more expensive care. But what is clear is that these hospitals are likely to have fewer resources to invest in quality improvement activities. Thus, how they will fare under value-based purchasing is uncertain.
…We agree that value-based purchasing is a step in the right direction. But we must ensure that it promotes both quality and equity in care.
1. Jha AK, Orav EJ, Epstein AM The effect of financial incentives on hospitals that serve poor patients. Ann Intern Med. 2010;
2. Werner RM, Goldman LE, Dudley RA. Comparison of change in quality of care between safety-net and non-safety-net hospitals. JAMA.2008;299:2180–7.
From Health Aff January 2012 vol. 31no. 1 249 “…But will they [safety net providers] improve?”
Can and Must Presenters
David Hilley (hilleyhealth@gmail.com),
John Hilley (jhilley@patmosconsulting.com) “…But will they [safety net providers] improve?”
Can and Must Dashboards made possible through our partnership with:

www.agilesense.com 1. How are you preparing the reports you need for clinical quality?

2. As a "safety net provider", how are you addressing the perception that your clinical quality is lower than other market segments?
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