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Entertainment of the Renaissance

No description

Madison Howell

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Entertainment of the Renaissance

Entertainment of the Renaissance By: Madison Howell
4th mod Attended regular festivals for the Church.
Carnivals in the meanings for triumph of a conqueror, an act of chivalry, or symbolically the trades and professions. We have our sports now, and back then they had their sports that they would play.
Horses were used for some of the sports, such as, horse racing and a ball on a horse back.
Some sports were jousting, archery, swordsmanship, Pome, Calcio, wrestling and falconry.

Another form of football that they played was leather ball, which were usually played by men in Florence.
Most of these outdoor sports took place in the Piazza Santa Croce. People would gather around to watch as entertainment. Entertaining Games Table Games
Games of Chance
Knuckle Bones
These games could be played in the Pitti Palace, which is in Florence.
They also had games for children of the Renaissance.
All of these were played during the Renaissance for entertainment. So we play Monopoly, Life, Poker, and a million of others, they played those games. Musical Entertainment Carnivals Sporty Entertainment write songs- sing them on the streets to get paid.
Dance- the people of the Renaissance could dance at dances called the Volte and Pavanne. Drama Entertainment Plays- William Shakesphere was the best play writer in history.
Christopher Marlowe and Ben Johnson were a couple other writers during the Renaissance.
These plays could be placed in permanent theaters that were usually found in big cities, but plays would become more popular by traveling actors.
Printing press made it better for people to read books. Bibliography:
http://www.renaissance-spell.com/Renaissance-Games.html THE END....
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