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L.L. Bean

No description

Alex Santos

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of L.L. Bean

Organizational Culture of L.L. Bean

The Company Culture
Friendly, Dependable, Helpful & Authentic
Trustworthy & Honest
Experienced & Innovative
Outdoor Oriented & Environmentally Aware
Golden Rule
“Sell good merchandise at a reasonable profit, treat your customers like human beings and they will always come back for more.”
-Leon Leonwood Bean

L.L. Bean's Corporate Vision
100% Customer Satisfaction as primary goal
A Strong Framework of Competing Values
Corporate Strategies
L.L. Bean trains it's employees to ensure that "each individual customer feels valued whether through mail, phone, fax, email, live chat, Facebook, Twitter, Internet or in our stores."
Does L.L. Bean's Organizational Culture Have to be Changed?
Connecting with Kinicki
Kurt Lewin's 3-Stage Model:
Let's Get Started
What would you do?
Let's get into visions and strategies..
Competing Values Framework
Commitment to an intimate and family oriented approach to business. High focus on employee experience.
Consistently and smooth functioning. Exhibits top ratings in customer satisfaction.
Since 1912 this company has managed to roll with the times and markets all the while staying profitable and maintaining a standard of quality and reliability.
Unwavering ability to deliver a sense of reliability with every purchase. This company has created a high quality label with a strong following of consumers who enjoy being made the priority.
"Every employee is the most important ever in this company."
L.L. Bean's lifetime warranties, guaranteeing free replacements for any malfunctioning or less than satisfactory product they sell.
John Kotter's Eight Step Model:
Establish a sense of urgency
Create a guiding coalition
Develop a vision and strategy
Communicate the change vision
Empower broad-based action
Generate short-term wins
Consolidate gains and produce more change
Anchor new approaches in culture
Thank You!
Mission Statement
Free Shipping
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