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The importance of ICT in our future careers.

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Patrick Forde

on 29 September 2015

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Transcript of The importance of ICT in our future careers.

Even being a general manger of a hockey team has plenty of ICT involved in it.
1-being a general manger you have to keep track of the salary cap,so you have to use the computer to see how much room you have to spend on a players salary.
2-You have to help the Head coach in making the starting lineup for the games. So for this you have to keep track of stats to see who plays well together to get the most out of your players and to get the most wins out of your team. This involves using a lot of ICT in calculating plus and minus, how many points a player gets in the last few games and how well players play together.
3-Last of all you need to keep track of how strong each player is at the team gym. You use plenty of stats to see what a player is good at and what he needs to improve on in his game. In all these activities you would use a computer to keep stats on the team.
Finally, how do i think this ICT is going to affect my career in the future.Well i think that ICT will be even more involved in the career in the future because jobs like this are getting even more dependent on technology in keeping track of stats and knowing the physical capabilities of your players. ICT is getting even bigger, so being a general manager of an NHL team will be involved with ICT in the future more than now.

Auto Mechanic
My Future Career is a auto mechanic. An auto mechanic is a Type of Mechanic that works on Automobiles, they work in a specific area or type of automobile. They repair cars as accurately and quickly as they can. They are either going to repair or replace a certain part or parts. They also do yearly maintenance to cars. To become an auto mechanic the education you need is A High School diploma or GED[General Education Development],
Complete secondary school And you Need to complete a Technician trade certification
How ICT has Changed A Mechanics Life Now And In The Future
General Manager: Continued

The End
By Chase and Patrick
The importance of ICT in our future careers.
ICT Has Changed mechanics life by Internet because if the need a part to fix a car they can Order it Online. It Has made a mechanics job a lot harder because there is more technology in the Cars, which makes it harder for the Mechanic to figure the car out and fix/ Repair it. there is now technology that can help fixing the car. there is technology that holds up the car above the Mechanics so that they can get under the car easier. In The Future there might not even be a need for mechanics because technology will be able to repair a car.

NHL General Manager: Patrick
My future career is an NHL General Manager.Being an NHL manager involves traveling to every game with the team, Taking care of of the salary cap and signing players contracts. You also have to be involved with talking to the coach about what players do well together and keeping track of stats. Also when you are the general manager of a team the whole city of hockey fans are counting on you to make the team cup contenders.
Steps to becoming an NHL general manager- First of all you need a high school degree. Second of all you need to be involved with Hockey, to become a manager you might want to apply for a job as a head coach in the AHL and if you get it you would have to make your way up to the general manager. Third of all if your team has success in the AHL you could be promoted to the NHL team that your team is supplying players for. From there you could work your way up to general manager by showing what you know to the Owner and having success with the team.If the president thinks you could bring the franchise far you might become an NHL manager.
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