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Continuous Delivery

No description

Frank Verbruggen

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery
Software wijzigingen
Initial loads / partial loads
Functionele veranderingen aan databases
Middleware en OS updates
Hardware veranderingen
"A database refactoring is a simple change to a database schema that improves its design while retaining both its behavioral and informational semantics. A database refactoring is conceptually more difficult than a code refactoring; code refactorings only need to maintain behavioral semantics while database refactorings also must maintain informational semantics."
"Computer hardware virtualization (or hardware virtualisation) is the virtualization of computers or operating systems. It hides the physical characteristics of a computing platform from users, instead showing another abstract computing platform."
Welke problemen onderkennen we onder meer?
Software wijzigingen
Initial loads / partial loads
Functionele veranderingen aan databases
Middleware en OS updates
Hardware veranderingen
"Continuous Delivery (CD) is a design practice used in software development to automate and improve the process of software delivery. Techniques such as automated testing, continuous integration and continuous deployment allow software to be developed to a high standard and easily packaged and deployed to test environments, resulting in the ability to rapidly, reliably and repeatedly push out enhancements and bug fixes to customers at low risk and with minimal manual overhead."
"Continuous delivery treats the commonplace notion of a deployment pipeline as a lean Poka-Yoke: a set of validations through which a piece of software must pass on its way to release.

Code is compiled if necessary and then packaged by a build server every time a change is committed to a source control repository, then tested by a number of different techniques (possibly including manual testing) before it can be marked as releasable."
We gaan de data verbeteren door in kleine stapjes verbeteringen door te voeren totdat het geheel beter is geworden.
Automate your infrastructure
“Puppet Labs' software gives systems administrators the operational agility, efficiency, and insight they need to manage dynamic infrastructure, on-premise or in the cloud.”
Infrastructure upgrade scenarios & recovery
Huidige oplossing is provisioning met een spare server die gebruikt wordt in upgrades scenarios & recovery.
Doel oplossing is database cluster die gebruikt wordt in upgrades scenarios & recovery.
Sneller, betrouwbaarder en goedkoper
Waarom we doen wat we doen
Traditioneel werken
"The waterfall development model originates in the manufacturing and construction industries;
highly structured physical environments in which after-the-fact changes are prohibitively costly, if not impossible.

Since no formal software development methodologies existed at the time, this hardware-oriented model was simply adapted for software development."
"Advocates of Agile software development argue the waterfall model is a bad idea in practice—
believing it impossible for any non-trivial project to finish a phase of a software product's lifecycle perfectly before moving to the next phases and learning from them."
Continuous Integration
& Unit Tests
Component Tests
Integratie Tests
Systeem Tests
Functionele Tests
Acceptatie Tests
Continuous Monitoring - Metrics
We willen sneller, betrouwbaarder en goedkoper software kunnen leveren aan klanten,
dus gaan we automatiseren
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