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Coral Triangle

No description

Aide Hernandez

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Coral Triangle

Overfishing In The Coral Triangle
Overfishing in The Coral Triangle is causing an unbalance in the food web Open Access
Poor Management
Lack Of Enforcement Marine Life Imbalance
Malnutrition Marine Species Extinction
Lack Of Food Sources In Developing Countries Coral Triangle Bibliography "Atlantic Bluefin Tuna." BioExpedition.com. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Apr. 2013. <http://bioexpedition.com/atlantic-bluefin-tuna/>.

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"WWF." - Endangered Species Conservation.
World Wild Life Fund, n.d. Web. 18 Apr. 2013. <http://worldwildlife.org/>. Bluefin Tuna 96% population loss Oviparous, not much is known about its reproduction Used for sushi and sashimi, large tuna, predator, one sold for over $1.75 million. Very aggressive Carnivore, Consumer Thunnus Spp Phytoplankton: Producer, autotroph, level 1 Seagrass: Producer, autotroph, level 1 Sea Urchins: Omnivore, level 2 Humphead Wrasse: Omnivore, level 3 Dugong: Herbivore, level 2 Parrotfish: Herbivore, level 2 Zooplankton: Herbivore, level 2 Shrimp: Scavenger, level 3 Squid (small): Carnivore, level 4 Whale Shark: Omnivore, level 3 Shark: Scavengers, levels 3-6 Bluefin Tuna: Carnivore, level 5 Moray Eel: Carnivore, level3 Leatherback Turtles: Omnivore, level 2 Orca Whale: Scavenger, levels 3-7 Problem Causes Immediate Effects Long-Term Effects The Coral Triangle Food Chain Scientific Name Population Numbers Reproduction Description Behaviors Niche Community Importance Eat other fish to balance out food web The Coral Triangle Is An EcoSYSTEM, Meaning That Without All Of The Parts It Simply Does Not Function, Overfishing Will Eventually Kill Off Species Creating An Unbalanced Food Web It Will Eventually Become A Global Crisis, It Has A Domino Effect, There Will Be A Shortage and If Kept Up, An Extinction Of Species, Creating A Shortage Of Food People In Developing Countries Will Struggle Reaching Protein Rich Foods, As Fish are Currently Their Main Source, Leading In Malnutrition
So Here We Are Dealing With Human's Lives As Well Decomposer: Bacteria
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