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Ayiti: "Land of Mountains"

Haiti is covered with blue waters lapping against beaches. Mountains slicing into the sky. Coral reefs teeming with fish. Brilliant birds that amaze the onlooker. Music that springs from the heart of a vibrant people. Mystery that cloaks the Vodou religio

Katherine Kaser

on 11 February 2010

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Transcript of Ayiti: "Land of Mountains"

Ayiti: "Land of Mountains" Haiti's History Culture People Writers Spiritual Life Tap Taps Edwidge Danticat Sawfish Soup
by Edwidge Danticat

when papa was killed
in a corner in the
streets of Haiti
he was just getting
juice for me to have
with dinner.

someone saw
someone else
someone they always
sought to shoot.

so they came out
so they shoot
and no one picked
him up of said anything to us.

he stayed on the street
that whole Sunday
the soldiers spit
on him and forced
his face out of the sun
away from the sky.

someone saw
sought us out
said he was just
a passerby.

one soldier saw another
some soldier he was
seeking to shoot
papa was shot instead.

when mama heard that
papa was killed
in a corner of
a street in Haiti

she did not cry.
he was just getting
juice for me to drink
with dinner.

she said sorry no soldier
is going to see me sobbing.
They'll see that someone
was hurt by their shots
and that will give them strength.

when papa was killed
in the corner of a
street in Haiti
It was hard to
throw out his dinner.

the sawfish soup and
ripe plantain mama had cooked.
she did not throw them out.

they're on the table still.
she said when someone is
killed in the corner
of a street of Haiti
how can you discard his
sawfish soup when

you still don't have
enough strength to go
and stand over his
corpse and steal him
out of the street.

HAITI Wyclef Jean 2006 Haitian Voters Geography Haiti's Flag Wyclef Jean was born in Haiti and made a
career in music with the Fugees. In his solo career, Jean is using his voice in the media to speak out about his homeland. In 2006, Haiti held a democratic vote for the
next president. Haitians arrived from all over the
country to participate, and the voting booths were
open well into the night. Voters cast their votes by candle-
light. Tap Taps are popular constructions by Haitian artists. Owners of these taxi buses spend hours decorating them with bold colors and patterns. Approximately eighty percent of Haitians
practice Roman Catholicism, but this religion is
interfused with Vodou (often referred to as "Voodoo"
in the U.S.) that was practiced by the first African slaves
brought to Haiti by colonists. Vodou is tied to nature and
specific spirits. To the left is a picture of Saut d'Eau, where
practitioners of Vodou make a mecca each year. Thursday, February 11, 2010
In your notebooks: What do you know about the country of Haiti or recent events in Haiti? Make a short list and be prepared to share your thoughts with the class. L'Union fait la force. "In union there is strength."
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