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By: Colin and kevin

No description

Colin Visser

on 18 December 2015

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Transcript of By: Colin and kevin

Are the pieces of RNA that create protein for the cell.
Rough Endoplasmic
Reticulum (RER)
Smooth Endoplasmic
Reticulum (SER)

Cell and Factory Analogy

By: Colin, Kevin and Daoud
Is the control center of
the cell. It contains the
cell's DNA, and controls
many of the functions
It is like the CEO of a factory. He makes the
decisions and determines all activities that will
take place within the factory

Is the barrier between the cell its surroundings. It regulates what enters and exits the cell.
It is like the shipping/ receiving department of a factory. They decide items get shipped out and what items to receive.
Are the organelles in the cell
that dispose of all the garbage
in the cell.
They are similar to the
caretakers of a factory because
they clean up and sanitize
the area.
Are responsible for much
of the protein assembly
within the cell, making
sacs called vesicles.
This organelle is like an
assembly line in a factory.
The area where the workers
do all their work.
Ribosomes can be related to the workers
in a factory. The workers do the work and
create the products for the company.
The SER is a storage area that holds steroids and lipids.
It is like the warehouse of
a factory because it holds
the products and items
made by the factory.
Golgi Apparatus
Receives proteins from the RER, processes, modifies and packages them.
This organelle is similar to the
finishing and packaging department of the factory because it packages the products of the factory.
Generates energy for the
It is similar to the power plant
of a factory, generating all
the energy needed to run
the facility.
Absorbs sunlight and uses it in
conjunction with water and carbon dioxide to produce food for the plant.
It is like the cafeteria/eating facility
of a factory, because that's where all the people in the factory get fed.

Storage bubbles that can
store nutrients for the cell, and
even waste, so the cell can be protected from contamination
They are like storage areas within a
factory, because they store miscellaneous items for the factory.
This organelle's function is to rewrite ribosomal RNA and combine it with proteins.
This organelle like the executive assistant of a factory because they have be ability to rewrite and change some things, but they are still under the command of the CEO (AKA nucleus)
Cell Wall
This organelle is
exclusive to plant
cells. It is literally like a
physical wall surrounding
the cell, giving the cell a
definite shape and structure,
also providing support. It
protects against mechanical
stress and infection.

It can be compared to a
security team in a factory.
Not all factories have, but they
help for reassurance, and extra
Is the jelly-like fluid that fills the
cell. It surrounds all the organelles withing the cell and helps to transport materials throughout the cell.

It is comparable to the floor of a factory, because it is the basis of the whole facility and items are moved throughout the factory on the floor.
Cilia and Flagella
This organelle is exclusive to animal cells. They are extensions of the plasma membrane that are responsible for cell movement, moving the cell from place to place.

They are like the shipping trucks that move products in and out of the factory.
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