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Copy of Class Come Alive

No description

Peifen Xu

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Class Come Alive

Class Come Alive with QR codes Hougang Primary School
Ms Xu Peifen
CL/IT QR or Quick Response Code is a type of two-dimensional barcodes that can be read using smartphones or any reading devices.
It was initially designed to be used to track parts in the vehicle manufacturing industry, but its use has since grown tremendously.

http://notixtech.com/blog/9-qr-code-data-types What is a QR code? •  Text information
•  Website address
•  Email address
•  Phone number
•  Pictures
•  Videos
•  Audio files
•  whatever you can think of What can be stored in a QR code? HTML Code *
PNG File *
Tiff File
EPS QR Code File Formats 1) http://qru.nu/index.php
2) http://www.qrstuff.com/
3) http://qrcode.kaywa.com
4) http://qurify.com
5) http://zxing.appspot.com/generator/
(trackable) How do I generate QR codes? Linking reading books to online resources Link to additional resources for class materials. Add QR codes to handouts. Possible uses of QR codes Record lesson notes and key ideas.
Put the video online and add a QR code to a homework assignment so that students can
review it again at home. By placing answers to questions online and linking with QR codes, students can attempt their own solutions before using the code to reveal the correct answer. Students create their own book reviews or trailers. Then post to the class blog or wiki and linked to the physical book via QR code. Music teachers can create codes that link to podcasts of classical music.  Google Form for feedback. Attach QR Codes to a physical object to allow for a thorough exploration of the object. Create a math worksheet that has QR Codes beside each problem. What size does a QR Code have to be? The larger the QR Code, the easier it is for it to be scanned
most QR reading devices are able to scan images of thumb-size, if the quality of image is good P2 Chinese Class (mixed ability) Example of Experimential Learning with QR codes How about this ? Futuristic Books? 1. create a code for the book.
2. Print out a copy of the Code
3. Attach the code to the book Each student has a role to play. 6 learning stations QR codes embedded on posters serve as clues
(like a 21st C treasure hunt) Small quiz after the lesson. Worksheet with QR codes A scenerio given to the students. Play a video of teacher as tourist
(bird's eye view as introduction) Here's how it goes >>>>>> pedagogy/instructional model adopted 1. SDL: To let pupils be goal-oriented and to add in some element of surprise

2. CoL: Inter-personal social skills of working in small groups, pupils are grouped together with mixed ability

3. Teach pupils fishing skills: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

4 Inter-disciplinary: Pupils can also draw parallel to other subjects such as S.S and NE

5. Holistic Assessment: L, O, R, W 1. Pupils will be briefed on before "tour"
2. Students are allocated with different roles
3. Teachers and parents partnership
4. Teachers and parent volunteer stationed at various
learning stations
5. Individual worksheet with help via a QR code How is the pupils’ learning scaffolded? How do teachers facilitate the learning? SDL :
Pupils to be goal-oriented
Learning beyond the classroom
QR codes to lead pupils to more learning tasks of different learning styles and techniques

Pupils are grouped together with mixed ability
Each member has a role to play
Every student will have to work closely with their group member
What are the areas where SDL/CoL take place? The level of difficulty of the tasks given is progressive. 1) Many benefits of using QR codes
2) It is the “IN” thing now. Value-add of QR codes 1) Positive feedback from pupils and parents 2) Limitations of QR codes
Impact – Do the pupils learn better? Objectives: At the end of the lesson,
pupils should be able to:
1) list down the names of
places of interest in Singapore
2) explain why they like the place of interest
3) master the 2 sentence structures taught.
Pupils are briefed on their roles. Disussion within their small group Teacher providing assistance Pupil engrossed in reading what the QR code shows Group Worksheet with a QR codes leading to the first station Homework with QR code leading to the various stations Pupil engaged in active learning, happily. Pupils carry out their roles diligently.
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