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No description

jayden pitt

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of Communication

Verbal communication
Verbal communication is speaking. radio,television,phone and Skype are all speaking...
What is Communication
Written communication
Written communication is when you write letters,notes and messages to communicate like in the old days when computers weren't invented but now people yous Facebook,twitter,Skype and face time people yous this all the time now in modern times.
Communication is a way of communicating to others all over the world.There are three ways of communicating, one is verbal communication,two is written communication and three is non verbal communication.
Non verbal communication is stuff like sign language,braille are all non verbal
Non verbal communication
Twitter is a online social network invented in March 2006.By Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass in San Francisco.it was invented because they wanted to chat to each other and other people.It came out in 2007 world wide 20,000 tweets a day by 628 us people.

The Telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1844- 1898 & the first successful was in 19th century. It is used for chatting to other people.It's verbal communication which miens you talk. And almost every person in the hole entire world has something called a phone number. So you don't just ring anybody you rind who you want to ring.
Semaphore is a type of none verbal communication.it Is red and yellow flags used on beaches and bays.It is used by putting them in different positions and almost every movement is a different letter.They are used to sighnal to ships.
http://www.themeter.net/semaphore_e.htm -.http://www.citelighter.com/communications/communications/knowledgecards/semaphore-flag-signaling-system help/history_of_twtter wikipedia.org/wiki/Twitter http://www.themeter.net/semaphore_e.htm
thank you for listening
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