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TQM - Deming's 14 Points

Karen Buñag

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Jfinex

Junior Financial
Executives (JFINEX) Karen Kaye M. Buñag
BSBA-FM3A Junior Financial Executives EXECUTIVE OFFICERS FOR
SCHOOL YEAR 2013-2014 Council of
Class Presidents List of Activities List of Activities List of Activities Junior Financial Executives (JFINEX) is made up of students who are currently taking up the course which is Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Majoring in Financial Management. The purpose of the said organization is to enhance and increase students learning by exposing them to different exposure trips such as to banks, financial institutions, and other areas which are related to the course. JFINEX also help them to be equipped with practice techniques and enhance their learning to be prepared for the corporate world after graduation. President: Seir John Fhel Simon
Vice President: Patricia Marie Punzalan
Secretary: Aleana Jerica Tuazon
Treasurer: Jennifer Dolleton
Auditor: Juan Paolo Macatangay First Year Level:
1A President: Dianne Gaganino
1B President: Jesus Ponsario
Second Year Level:
2A President:
2B President: Vivier Rullan
Third Year Level:
3A President: Bryan Esperancilla
3B President: Maryel Enriquez June 2012
Finance Week (June 18-22)
Venue: CAS
Academic Enrichment Seminar 1 (June 19)
Venue: Multi-purpose Hall
August 2012
Academic Enrichment Seminar 2 (August 19)
Venue: Multi-purpose Hall
Exposure Trip (August 23)
Venue: Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Academic Enrichment Seminar 3 (August 31)
Venue: Multi-purpose Hall September 2012
JFINEX Exposure Trip 2 (September 13)
Venue: Philippine Stock Exchange
Academic Enrichment Seminar 4 (September 18)
Venue: Multi-purpose Hall
Academic Enrichment Seminar 5 (September 28)
Venue: Multi-purpose Hall
Academic Enrichment Activity (Inter-Collegiate Finance Corporation (September 30) October 2012
Cluster Activity (October 16)
Academic Enrichment Seminar 6 (October 31)
Exposure Trip 3 (October 31)
Venue: Technohub
Academic Enrichment Seminar 7 (October 31)
Venue: Multi-purpose Hall
December 2012
Pamaskong Handog ng JFINEX (December 19)
Venue: San Beda College-Alabang
January 2013
Financial Management Week (January 22-25)
Venue: San Beda College-Alabang Submitted to:
Prof. Ernie Dimaculangan Create a Vision and Demonstrate Commitment

Just like any organizations that exist in San Beda College-Alabang, the Junior Financial Executives (JFINEX) has their very own vision and mission statements that are implemented throughout the school year.
The organization envisions itself:
To be an active organization that serves the students for strengthening the academic learning of its members and for building strong relationships among the members through an organizational representation.
The mission of the organization is:
1. To serve as a viable training avenue for students aspiring to lead by serving their fellow Financial Management Bedans by providing programs and services that help develop camaraderie among them, as well as for representation of BSBA Major in Financial Management in various activities set by the College;
2. To support San Beda College Alabang in its efforts to provide the students with a holistic learning imbued with the Benedictine tradition of Ora et Labora. Deming's 14 Points Understand Inspection

JFINEX need to filter out and implement inspection in accepting their members. As an organization of San Beda College-Alabang, they must be responsible for all the actions of their respective members. They need to make sure that the finance students applying in the organizations are qualified to avail their membership. The potential applicants of the organization must pass all the requirements and qualifications that are needed in order for their application to be accepted. Deming's 14 Points Deming's 14 Points Deming's 14 Points Deming's 14 Points Deming's 14 Points Application of
Deming's 14 Points Institute Training

The elected student leaders of JFINEX are the ones responsible for the orientation and training for their new / freshmen members. In the club recruitment week held every first month of the school year, the freshmen students are usually the individuals that need to be informed about the importance and relevance of joining in the organization. Institute Leadership

During summer vacation, San Beda College – Alabang provides Leadership Trainings for the elected student leaders. They are required to attend these seminars so that they will be equipped with learning on how to manage their respective organizations. Optimize the Efforts of Teams

Even if there are already elected officers in the organization, the other members / their block mates tries to help out to reduce the work that needs to be done. They work hand in hand and cooperate as one to achieve their goals and objectives that need to be finished on a certain time. Encourage Education and Self-Improvement

At the end of the day, the main purpose of the organization of JFINEX is to enhance and increase students learning by exposing them to different kinds of trips such as to banks and other areas which are related to the course and help them to be equipped with practice techniques and enhance their learning to be prepared for the corporate world after graduation. Create a Vision and Demonstrate Commitment

In order for JFINEX to achieve their mission and vision statements, first of all, they need to get to know each and every one of the members of the whole organization. They need to organize a general assembly at least once every semester so that the members can be more acquainted with each other and familiarize themselves with their professors in finance. We need to know who the people around us are before we can move as one team. Application of
Deming's 14 Points Application of
Deming's 14 Points Application of
Deming's 14 Points Application of
Deming's 14 Points Application of
Deming's 14 Points Understand Inspection

In order for a student of San Beda College-Alabang to be able to gain a membership of JFINEX they must be taking up a degree of Bachelor of Science Major in Financial Management. They must also be currently enrolled in a specific semester. The student leaders conduct their screening of applicants during the club recruitment week and they always make an assurance that all their members are passes all their required qualifications. Institute Training

The orientation for JFINEX is for the benefit of the freshmen finance students whom are usually the new members. The organization provides them briefing and introduction about the world of finance. They also provide them some seminars and lectures with the help and guidance of their moderator so that they can be motivated and to come up with a realization of how interesting finance can be. Institute Leadership

During the summer vacation, San Beda College-Alabang provides Leadership Training for all the student leaders of every organization. In these trainings, they are taught how to manage their respective organizations throughout the whole school year. They provide essential information on how to take the lead among their members and at the same time they will get the chance to interact with other student leaders of different organizations of the school. These can give JFINEX the opportunity to collaborate with other organizations in conducting school related activities. Optimize the Efforts of Teams

The organization works best when they are grouped into teams. Whenever JFINEX organize a seminar or any school activity inside the campus the student leaders assign their members into different kinds of committees to get them involved. Each committee comprises of at least five to ten people that have their own specific tasks for the success of the said activity. Encourage Education and Self-Improvement

JFINEX organizes exposure trips, academic enrichment seminars, outreach programs, team building activities and etc. throughout the school year. These activities help the members to be equipped with practice techniques and enhance their learning to be prepared for the corporate world after graduation. It can also help them to improve as an individual and gain self confidence while learning. I therefore conclude that the Deming’s 14 points applicable to the Junior Financial Executives (JFINEX) helped to identify the key areas in the organization that needs to be focused on. It helped the organization to improve their processes as a whole. It also gave the organization new ideas on implementing new rules and regulations and in creating school related activities and projects which can help broaden their knowledge in finance. Conclusion
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