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Four Human Activities That Affect Mass Movement

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Lucas Mills

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Four Human Activities That Affect Mass Movement

The Impact of Humans on Mass Wasting
Four Ways Human Activity Can Affect Mass Movement
Deforestation On Steep Slopes
Cutting down forests can decrease a slopes stability. Trees add stability by adding root strength to the soil and by putting out excess water.
Drainage diversion and irrigation projects can destabilize slopes and increase the chances of mass wasting by increasing the moisture in some areas
The Building of Dams
The Building of dams can lead to mass movements because the weight of the water depresses the rock strata under that lake.
The Construction of Homes On A Slope
The construction of homes on a slope adds more pressure and makes a slope unstable which increases the chance for a landslide.
By: Lucas Mills
Cutting down trees encourages
more surface run off and soil erosion.
Filling a reservoir can also lead to bank saturation and land sliding.
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