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Steven Dampier

on 18 November 2015

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Transcript of DwD

Coping With Disability

Helping you to cope with a better life whilst having a disability
There will be partnership working involved with Disability because there is many professions which will have to work together for the needs of the individual. There will be a physiotherapist involved and possibly a GP, the GP will be heavily involved in the diagnosis of the individuals disability and therefore they may notice that the individual needs a physiotherapist to help with their disability.
A social worker and a counciler would work in partnership with eachother and with the individual to make sure they notice the needs of the individual and how they may feel about their disability
Partnership Working
This is where several amount of professions work together to try and provide the best possible service for the individual who has the disability.
This could include support groups, or day centers in which the individual could visit with others who also have a disability around them
Multi-agency working
This is where professionals work with the adults such as families, to help them cope better with the disability.
for example there could be meetings with certain professions such as therapists, councilors, doctors and the family to disscuss what support groups could be set up for them to help them cope better with their disability

Working in Partnership with adults (using services), families and informal carers.
Coping With your Disability
Decision Making processes and forums
This is where mostly all of the professions have another follow up meeting and start to make decisions with the individual and sometimes the family can have an involvement in the care plan if there are any changes which need to amended which the individual and family will need to be aware of.
Staff Training and induction
Staff will need to be trained regularly for this role because they need to be aware of the different sections of disability

We focus on two main professions to ensure partnership working is carried out properly. We focus on a GP and the individual with the disability working together to ensure the individual has an involvement in their disability and so that they are given the information directly which will stop any false information being fed.

Within my pitch there are other agencies working together with my individual to ensure they cope with their disability better, such as day centres. There is one main day centre which is run just with our company and offers all our clients free services there and days they can go there.
Jessica Lee
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