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Palfinger PK 5800H Articulating Boom Crane - Showcase

Final Design Project, MECH3200

Ryan Pagnacco

on 13 August 2011

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Transcript of Palfinger PK 5800H Articulating Boom Crane - Showcase

ARTICULATING BOOM CRANES Function: May be mounted on various platforms Study Model: Palfinger PK 5800H Produced for the Military (Canadian Forces) Produced by Pitman Manufacturing / Wayjax Industries Accessible via CF PRes & CFSEME (Base Maintenance, CFB Borden) Materials Handling; Loading, Unloading & Manipulation Commercial Trucks Trailers Crawlers Rail Cars Similar Crane Models and Price Range Hiab 033T Palfinger PK 4501 Palfinger PK 6501 HP Price Range: $16,000 - $20,000 (Excluding delivery / shipping, installation, additional features) Project Goal: Verify design of crane based on: Available performance Specifications Applicable standards Inspection of a test subject (under Palfinger license) Determined by Inspection Material Thickness Pin to Pin Distances Cross-section Geometry What to Verify? Specific materials & dimensions for Pins, Booms & Links Availability of purchased components (Including: Bearings, Cylinders & Fasteners) Column, Base & Outrigger Material Exclusions: Unknown Values: Boom & Link Materials Design, Layout & Drawings: Inclusions: Scope of Analysis Ability of final design to meet design specifications based on these choices Cost of chosen components & materials Pin Dimensions Approximate Hydraulic Cylinder Dimensions Specific Materials Bearing Lengths Hydraulic Cylinder Specifications Process of Analysis Force Analysis Purpose of analyses: To determine the maximum forces acting at pinned connections Boom System Extension Boom Main Boom Force at Pin G Mass of the Boom (W) Based on: Long Link (L1) - Pin J Load applied at Hook (P) Extension & Folding Boom System Folding Cylinder (C2) - Pin S To determine: Forces acting on Pin H Errors due to Mass Based on: Forces acting on two-force members (Folding Cylinder, Long & Short Links) Links & Pin H (Error Analysis) Known Values: Cylinder Selection Extended / Retracted Length Required Force Approximate Hydraulic System Pressure Cylinder Selection Process Determine Actual Force Calculate Bore Area Calculate Bore Diameter Determine Stroke Select Cylinder (10% more that applied load) (based on required actual force and system pressure) (based on bore area) (Extended length - retracted length) (From supplier catalogue) Cylinder Note: PROBLEM:
Metric cylinders availability SOLUTION:
Convert results to Imperial Bending Stress: Shear Area of Pin: Shear Force: (Assuming Double Shear) Shear Stress: Minimum Material Requirements for Pin D: Military Vehicles (Crane assumed to be statically loaded) Safety factor of two (N=2) assumed Safety factor not found in documentation Note: Safety Factor Range of Motion & Loading Capacity Specific Component Names (both military & civilian) Units of Measure (Metric) Determined from Technical Specifications: Determined from ASME Standard: Component Nomenclature Range of Motion Definitions CSA Z150.3 determined to be inapplicable (draft standard) Column, Booms & Links Armature Hydraulics Purchased Components Analysis: Hydraulic Cylinder Sizing Pin & Bearing Calculations Base & Outrigger Hydraulics Mount Assembly & vehicle Hydraulic Fittings & Power Supply Electrical Systems Bearing Plates (T, U) Extension Cylinder (C3) - Pin N Mass of Boom (W) Based on: Load applied at Hook (P) Determine forces acting on: INITIAL LAYOUT & POSITIONS Pin D Column Cylinder (C1) - Pin E Based on: Load Applied to Hook (P) Mass of the crane system (W) Determine forces acting on: Determine forces acting on: Force at Pin E Short Link (L2) - Pin F Pin G Based on: Mass of the Boom (W) Force at Pin D Determine forces acting on: Stress Analysis Booms Links Purpose of analyses: Determine the maximum combined stress of components of similar material Assumption: All boom and link components composed of the same material Known: Forces Dimensions Pin Tear-out Stresses Boom Stresses Required to Find: Direct Normal Stress Bending Stress Transverse Shear Stress Torsional Shear Stress Required to Find: Direct Normal Stress Pin Tear-out Stresses Required to Find: Direct Tear-out Stress Shear Tear-out Stress Main Boom Stress Analysis Analysis Sections Boom Geometry Torsional Shear Combined Shear Section B-B Stress Elements Extension Cylinder:
9D2.0044CC Folding Cylinder:
9D4.0031CC Column Cylinder:
9D5.5019CC Cylinder Part No. Bearings provided by Hydraulic Cylinder Supplier Types: Required to Find Bearings Forces acting on Pins Pin Dimensions Pins Common Known Values Plain Bearings Flange Bearings Bearing Plates Assumptions: Metric Series NU Self-Lubricating Bearings (Design strength: 248 MPa) Bearing Length Pin material determined based on Maximum Stress Bearing Housing Length Shaft & Hole diameter tolerance Info from bearing Selection: Pin S Pin J Pin H Bearings Plate Material: C93200 Bearing Bronze Material Selection Material Yield Strength Considerations: Size Availability (Metric) Selected Materials: Crane Structure: 4140 OQT 400 Steel Pins: 4340 OQT 800 Steel Bearing Plates: C93200 Bearing Bronze Material Cost Material prices based on cost per mass [USD] Cost of raw material only Approx. Cylinder Costs Approx. Bearing Costs Fastener Costs Purchased Component Costs Selected Suppliers: Fasteners: Bearings: National Precision Bearings McMaster-Carr Hydraulic Cylinders: ScrewMax Industries Costs: Fasteners: $575 Bearings: $557 Hydraulic Cylinders: $2,276 Materials: $1,346 Total: $4,754 Equiv. Suppliers Bearings: McMaster-Carr Hydraulic Cylinders: Baileynet.com Conclusion Design Meets Requirements Materials & Components commercially available Cost & Weight comparison inconclusive Recommendations Analysis: Force Analysis Reiteration Force Analysis Spreadsheet ANSYS Stress Analysis Weld Analysis Safety Factor & Materials: Diversify Materials FEA Design Improvement Reduce Safety Factor Project Time Analysis Data based on logged hours Total time: 812 h, 45 min (excluding presentation prep & printing / binding) Total Days: 144 Average hours per day: 5.6 QUESTIONS? Mohr's Circle Unique Pin Examples Folding & Extension Booms Boom Stress Analysis Process 1:Force Resolution 2:Shear Force & Bending Moment Diagram 3:Boom Geometry 5:Stress Element 6:Results 4:Equations Main Boom
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