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Making Green Delicious

No description

Carolyn Suley

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of Making Green Delicious

1. Jamie Kennedy Bio
2. The Issue
3. The Company
4. Mission Statement
5. SWOT Analysis
6. Discussion Questions
7. Recommendations

Jamie Kennedy
The Jamie Kennedy Kitchens Company
Mission Statement
The Issue
SWOT Analysis
Discussion Questions
Making Green Delicious
The Restaurant
The Gardiner
The Wine Bar
Heritage building in the historic
St. Lawrence Market
Restored heritage building in Yorkville, Ontario
Shares the Heritage Building with the Jamie Kennedy Restaurant
What are the key challenges of designing a restaurant in a sustainable way?
What are the key drivers of sustainability at Jamie Kennedy Kitchens?
What are the current trade-offs between sustainability and growth at Jamie Kennedy Kitchens?
Which growth option would allow Jamie Kennedy Kitchens to grow most sustainably?
Conflict between the promotion of social views and the food business
Promotes food business through social conscious efforts
Shifts to environmental friendly and encourages community involvement
Trade off between balancing the opportunities and strengths
Differences between the growth aims and the cooking styles
Owner and Executive Chief of Jamie Kennedy Kitchens in Ontario, Canada.

An advocate for using local and organic products, Jamie Kennedy is known nation wide for his focus on community involvement in his business
"We care about our community, Our community begins with our own team of passionate, dedicated employees and extends into the broader community of the people who supply us. Our conscious extends further and frequently touches those individuals or groups of people less fortunate than ourselves. Often our skills are relayed into fundraising initiatives for local agencies in need of help."
Comprised of 3 businesses that focus on incorporating seasonal and organic food from the local community
Strong brand image

Unique food products

Use of seasonal ingredients

Strong relationship with suppliers and customers

Profits 3x above industry average

Leader through providing environmentally sustainable products

Limited growth in current operation

Limited ability for income from current location capacities

Lack of management

Unclear target market
Promotion of healthy and quality food
Supports local food suppliers and farmers
Commitment to seasonal ingredients
Expansion of canning facilities
Commitment to educate community about food philosophy and diversification

Global warming negatively impacting local food supply

Competition with McEwan, Finkelstein and other premium restaurants

Possibility of losing local suppliers

Customers preferred wine trends
Help reach goal of managing the operations in an efficient and effective way through sourcing the raw material himself.

Expands the control of the business
Opportunity for community involvement
Fosters a positive social brand through development of corporate social responsibility
Kennedy is struggling to determine how to balance maintaining his small business feel with its fine taste, environmental sustainability and closeness to the community. Moving forward, he would like to take advantage of possible opportunities in the market.
Environmental and preservation of local culture issues
Ensuring the design is efficient and implicit
Changing habits of customers and employees
Location and accessibility
Ability to further expand the Jamie Kennedy Kitchen brand

Leverage the social aspect of the company

Closing the loop in his supply chain

Geographically expand Jamie Kennedy Kitchen
Continue to develop farming initiative
Close Catering aspect of the Gardiner restaurant
Move food preparation to Gardiner in off-hours
Expand the Wine bar in reclaimed space
Reconstruct his organizational chart
Clearly define target market
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