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The Secret Graden

No description

Stephanie Ayala

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of The Secret Graden

Secret Garden
The Theme
Things To
Think About
Use Of Language
In The Secret Garden, the language being used is different than our every day language. It contains a mixture of old English and southern.
For Example;
Ben: Aye,that he does. Knowed 'im since a fledglin'. His brood flew off. But Robin lad got left behin'.
In this two act play, there are 24 scenes. This is one thing to think about, if you think we can handle the amount of scene changes. Although in general there are about 3 -5 main scenes
In The Secret Garden there are 11 characters. So that would be 11 parts to about 30 students in the class. That would mean double cast and a lot of tech members.
In Our Opinion
In our opinion, from reading the play, we think that this one will not be the best for our class. It is so because the few character parts, heavy line load, and many tech requirements. Also, we believe it is not as entertaining as The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.
Mary is the main charcter. She is a little orphan who went to go live with her uncle at Yorkshire, England.
In the play, different parts will require different lighting. For example, when Mr. Craven and or Colin appear, the lighting would be dimmer having a low key. In parts of the play when Mary is outside playing,that scence should have a high key.
Doctor Spencer is Colin's uncle. He treats Colin because he has a twisted back. He also lives in the manor and hopes to be owner one day.
Colin is Mary's cousin and the son of Master Craven. since he was small, ha has been told he had a twisted back and been locked up in his room and has never wanted to leave for years. Until Mary found him, he gains a strong interest in Mary.
Ms. Medlock is Master Cravens main servant. She at first was in charge of bringing Mary to England and watching over her. She is not fond of Mary, she thinks she is bratty.
Martha is a maid who works under Mrs. Medlocks supervision. When she first met Mary, she didn't really like her. But after a while she and Mary became friends. Mary said Martha was one of her first friends.
The theme of the play is about love,healing, bravery, confidence, nature and those secret places in our hearts and our imagination.
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