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Respiratory sounds

No description

shelby hobson

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of Respiratory sounds

Respiratory sounds
signs & symptoms
people & future outlook
anyone can get it
treatment plan
Medications are often prescribed to clear up infections or to open the airways. However, in severe cases such as fluid in the lungs or an obstruction in the airways, hospitalization may be necessary. also inhalers or breathing treatments
common name:Wheeze
medical name:rhonchi
Rhonchi are low-pitched, rattling sounds in the lungs that can be heard through a stethoscope. They often sound like snoring or low-pitched wheezing. They occur continuously when a person is breathing, but disappear or clear up when the person coughs.
test & causes
•fluid in the lungs
•heart failure
•abnormally thick chest wall
•reduced airflow
•lung disease
•foreign body in the lungs or airways

•computed tomography (CT) scan
•chest X-ray
•blood tests
•pulmonary function test
•sputum culture

work cited


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