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How to set up your Vibqc32 for VCA

Ichim George

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of VCA

Setting up your VIBQC32 First click on Program mode and set:
VCA / Fmeter
Advanced / New CCC
No warnings/ COM4
Then set up your parameters Than in order to have a correct interpretation you have
to arrange the windows in order to tell the right story: Ground Force Envelope Cross Corelation Fundamental Gf Phase Gf Phase of BP vs RM Harmonic Distortion Geting the right data Harmonic Distortion Phase of BP vs RM
just click Phase GF Fundamental GF Cross Corelation Ground Force Envelope Reading the data We are looking for a good similarity with refference to zero,
if we don't have silmillarity, we have to check the MASS LVDT for offset We need to stay under -40db, and to have because it's an upsweep
........ We are trying to keep force as close to 39o00lbs as possible.
39000lbs is 70% of the force computed from 90% of 90% of 60000lbs Looking for less than +/- 5degrees refferenced to 180 degrees
The maximum allowed is +/- 10degrees We need the pahse between the BP and RM to stay above -135 degrees Here we can separate the distorton to see if it comes from the vibraors
or if it's a problem with the ground VIBCQ on the VCA for Sercel Nomad 65 Vibrator
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