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HTRLLAP Intro Prezi

2 Minute Prezi outlining the Intro Chapter in HTRLLAP

Melanie Hazen

on 25 May 2014

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Transcript of HTRLLAP Intro Prezi

Introduction: How'd He Do That? "We don't get it and we think you're making it up." So THAT'S how he did it! Acquire the "language of reading"- a set of conventions and patterns, codes and rules that we employ when looking at a piece of writing.
Questions we ask ourselves: Where did that effect come from? Whom does this character resemble? Where have I seen this before? Memory, Symbol and Pattern Memory- look for things in your reading that you've seen before
Symbol- Is this a metaphor? an analogy? What does this signify?
Pattern recognition- take in the detail while being able to see the patterns or archetypes at work in the background Examples from the Chapter: Pattern-
Oedipal Complex: From the play, Oedipus Rex, when a man is hostile toward his father and loving, even dependent on, his mother.
Faustian Legend: Walter Lee is "tempted" by the Devil (Mr. Lindner) to sell out.
Symbol- Beowulf: the monster symbolizes hostility of the universe toward human existence and also a darkness in human nature.
Memory- The movie Pale Rider reminds the author of Shane. Even if he doesn't WANT it to, it does. The memory is already there. Personal Example: Pattern:
In Hamlet, the title character is hostile toward a father figure and dependent, obsessive even, about his mother. Sounds a lot like Oedipus.

Hmmmm.... actually when I think about Hamlet, I think about a murdered father, a usurping uncle, an outcast son and a kingdom stolen... and that reminds me of watching The Lion King! Wonder where Disney got THAT idea?
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