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Example of a "Prezume" - a resume in the form of a Prezi.


on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Prezumé

By Rosemary Davies
Hello! My name is Rosemary, and I am applying for
[Insert Opportunity Here]
Email: rosemaryhdavies@msn.com
Prezi Profile: prezi.com/user/rhdavies/
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/rosemarydavies
Website: www.poparu.com
Basic Stats
Chatham University
Pittsburgh, PA (USA)

B.S. Biology
May 2016

Graduation Date
Work Experience
Skills Summary
Excellence in Citizenship Award - Berkeley, CA (2012)
Nominated from Berkeley High School for demonstration of exceptional achievement in activities promoting good will throughout the community with positive actions.
U.S. Intercollegiate Orienteering Champions - Pacheco, CA (2012)
Won first place of 2012 Western Regionals with BHS Varsity Orienteering team, and third place in Varsity Girls.
- Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Corel Painter, InDesign, Mudbox, Maya, ImageJ, Talisma, NACElink, Python, Google App Inventor, HTML, CSS
- Data entry and survey collection
- Typing speed - 80wpm with 99% accuracy
Phonathon Ambassador - Annual Giving (Fall 2012-May 2013)
- Promoted donations to the Chatham Annual Fund
- Updated records on the alumni database Talisma
Computer Savvy
Career Development Student Assistant (May 2013-Present)
- Updates Symplicity career database
- Advises for web site development
- Drafted diagrams and flowcharts
- Translated braille documents

Systems and Network Student Assistant (May 2013-Present)
- Troubleshoots computer and phone problems
- Updates Chatham's digital signage
- Tested Office365 as a new email platform
- Created new department (ITS) logo

Hulme Science Research Experience Award - Pittsburgh, PA (2013)
Award for summer research alongside a professor on imaging regeneration in planaria.
- Measured school's effectiveness as a "green" organization
- Presented recommendations for reducing copier waste
- Conducted best practice research
- Created surveys, mission statements, spreadsheets, etc.

Administrative Intern, Berkeley High School (School Year, 2011-2012)
Programming Coordinator, Residence Hall Council (Fall 2012-May 2013)
Created an mobile app prototype called "BrainShower" for supplementary help for children along California State Standards.
Technovation Challenge (2012)
Represented and planned events for two residence halls.
Graphic Designer and Writer, Communique Student Newspaper (Fall 2012-Present)
Creates illustrations for cover art and articles. Writes the Police Blotter.
Treasurer, Legerdemain: Juggling Club (January 2013-present)
Plans and programs juggling events across campus. Presents and requests funding from the Undergraduate Budget Committee.
Wildlife Refuge Volunteer, Suisun Wildlife Refuge (Summer 2010-2011)
Wrote animal intakes/outtakes. Fed and cleaned after animals (fledglings, snakes, raccoons, raptors, mice, etc.). Released animals out into the wild.
And... there is more!
Was a "techie" for Chatham Drama Club productions of the
One Act Festival, Rocky Horror Festival, and Vagina Monologues.
Introduced the All-Campus Author, Yrsa Sigurðardóttir, for a public reading.
Went on an expedition to the Canadian Arctic!
Organized the art show, Extraction, with the Artist Collective. Presented digital art and pin-making.
But, my most memorable moment was that I...
Volunteered with Amnesty International to collect signatures to free Pussy Riot at a Anti-Flag concert.
I explored Baffin Island and western Greenland alongside 70 fellow students and 35 scientists, historians, elders, and polar experts through the organization
Students On Ice
. From this, I learned that...
Though overwhelming, it presents opportunity in
that tie back the big with the small.
- Bicycling
- Equilibristic juggling (Devil Sticks/Poi/Contact)
- Choral and throat singing
- Combinatorics and Fractals
- Feminist film theory
- Methane hydrates
- Microbiology
- Orienteering
- Regenerative medicine
- Sustainable architecture
- Virtual art and zootropes
I like a lot of things!
And, I'm also a bit of a "doodler"
My art spans calculus, monochrome, photo painting, and symmetry - a continual WIP.
Q1: Why you believe you would make the...
Now the questions...
A: I believe that I will make the best because I am
. I like to think out of the box - to show innovation. Along with my ethos and optimism, I will be able to
Q2: Which value do you believe is the most important and why?

What did Seneca mean by true joy as a "serious thing"? How many advertisements does the average person watch in the United States? How did we come up with the concepts of "marriage" and "partnership"? Is it better to have answers than questions, or vice versa?
We're Curious
Do all questions culminate in asking
What is the meaning of life?
When we ask questions, we are
. Artistic interpretations, policies, and research are all started by a simple question. That question may then lead on to others.

When Prezi is curious, Prezi is
with thought. Such curiosity encourages
better programming and learning
for the future, which is connected to other Prezi values (ex. honesty/diversity/engagement).

One hope is to use my skills to

I would like to encourage more thought of
And that is a quick summation of me!
Magic is like reaching the end of a rainbow, which is seemingly impossible.

Is in a work-and-pick co-op at Eden Hall farm.
But, we can always
dream. In the word
"impossible", there is...
I'm Possible.
Thank you for your consideration!
[Insert notable cause here]
[Insert research here]
[Insert position here]
[Insert topic here]
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