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Lord of the Flies (Chapter 5)

No description

Mai Morita

on 29 November 2014

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies (Chapter 5)

Why does Ralph have such a hard time organizing his thoughts? What does Ralph want to accomplish at the meeting? Does he?
Lord of the Flies (Chapter 5)
How does Jack behave toward Ralph at the meeting? What does this suggest about
Jack’s level of contempt for Ralph and his rules? What has caused the change in Jack’s
What is significant about Ralph, Simon, and Piggy’s discussion about adults at the end of the chapter? How is this discussion ironic? Would circumstances be different if adults were on the island?
Presented by . . .
Because there must be no mistake about this assembly, no chasing imaginary. He thought that this meeting must not be fine, but business.He want to put things straight at the meeting. And he did it.
For example, the rocks for a lavatory. Keep the fire going and smoke showing as a signal. Don't take fire from the mountain. Take their food up there. And they have got to talk about this fear and decide there's nothing in it.

Quote of the Chapter
Interesting Character: Jack
"What are we? Humans? Or animals? Or savages? What's grownups going to think? Going off—hunting pigs—letting fires out—and now!"
Said by Piggy who was irritated by the fact of how disorganized and uncooperative the group has become
He is complaining that at this pace the boys are going to forget about law, order, and moral and turning in to savage animals that kill and do whatever they want
He also thinks about what the adults would say when they see this situation, meaning that Piggy respects and admires the adults who are wiser than them and are more calm and cooperative when solving problems
After this quote is said, Jack breaks the rules by speaking even though he didn't have the conch, makes fun of Piggy, and runs away, leaving Piggy, Ralph and Simon behind
This event completely separates Ralph (who wants cooperation, law and order), and Jack (who wants power and savagery)
How does Jack behave toward Ralph at the meeting?
Jack behaved dreadfully towards Ralph
mocking his rules and creating chaos
Jack knew that Ralph wanted the meeting to be serious
half-way through, Jack led his “hunters” to be loud and distributive.
What does this suggest about
Jack’s level of contempt for Ralph and his rules?
Jack feels envy towards Ralph
Causes Jack to feel resentment towards Ralph
causing Jack to feel a strong dislike towards Ralph and his rules
Shown during the meeting, while Ralph tries to enforce many rules
What has caused the change in Jack’s
Jack’s change of behaviour towards Ralph was caused by...
Jack feeling of indignant
When Jack killed the pig, he expected Ralph to be impressed but Ralph blames him for letting the fire on the mountain die.
Answer Part A
Boys all wished adults to be on island
At the end of discussion
Made the discussion ironic
Did not feel the same way in the beginning
Rather feeling pleased and comfortable without the existence of adults
Able to have more freedom

Existence of adults would affect . . .
Current situation(CH5)
Relationship between boys
Atmosphere among boys
Tend to cause conflicts and quarrels over the disagreement
Not much difference between ages of boys compare to adults
Would definitely listen and obey elders
Know how intelligent and reliable they are
Answer Part B
Example quotes
"We're all drifting and things are going rotten. At home there was always a grownups. Please, sir; please, miss; and then you got an answer. How I wish!"



"Grownups know things,"


(pg 96)

"If only they could get a message to us"


Amanda Wood
Hyeonseo Lee
Lina Wan
Mai Morita
Miki Takahashi
Thank you :) XD
Jack character shows how leaders in history rose to power
Tries to convince the children on the island to be afraid of the beast
because Jack, as the hunter, has not seen it
Jack is acting as a protector of the kids, making them look up to him.
Answer PART B

"Jack stood up, scowling in the gloom, and held out his hands.
'I haven't finished talking yet!' (Said Ralph)
'But you've talked and talked!' (Said Jack)
"You hunters! You can laugh! But I tell you the smoke is more important than the pig, however often you kill one"
"'Well them- I've been all over this island. By myself. If there were a beast, I'd have seen it. Be frightened because like that - but there is no beast in the forest'"
"'Bollocks the rules!!'"
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