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Planning to Program Plan

No description

Leisure Information Network

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Planning to Program Plan

Planning to Program Plan
To have effective engagement from your program participants and lower behavioural issues, consider differences in physical, emotional and social skills before choosing your activities.
Available safe space and equipment must be considered before selecting your program activities.
Children have excessive energy at the end of the school day. Consider using a more active free play activity to start the program. This allows participants a much needed energy release.
Plan to include time for feedback. After an activity ask participants if they enjoyed it. What did they like
or dislike about it?
A Daily Program Plan is...
A daily program plan is tailored to individual after school programs. It is a general overview of the entire after school program for a specific date.
Set a SMART goal for the day. Perhaps your SMART goal is that one activity will be led by a couple of participants. This should be very specific to your program and participants.
The key is to make your goal SMART..
S -
M -
A -
R -
T -
time bound
Think outside the box. Examples can include:
Are there roles that participants can have if they don't wish to play?
Can participants lead the activity?
Are there transition games that can be used at times of rest?
Tip: Winter days are shorter so taking participants outside at the start of program is ideal for safety and warmth.
Take a weekly inventory of equipment and repair damaged items.
Make notes on your daily program plan sheet to remind you to
re-introduce or discard an activity.
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