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An Ipad + Prezi = Patient Education and Entertainment

Combining te entertainment factor of the Ipad and the information factor of a Prezi presentation would break the cycle of bringing in a boring discusion of the treatment plan by making it personalized and fun, thus drawing in more patients.

haley cox

on 9 February 2011

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Transcript of An Ipad + Prezi = Patient Education and Entertainment

What Happens When you mix Ipad with Prezi? you get patient education and entertainment so let's take some examples and play with them a bit Mr. Rose is Erika's father, and Erika is the patient. The bad news is that Erik's mouth is an abomination that needs braces and alot of work. This will cost about $10,000. Mr. Rose does not have insurance but does want the best for his princess and makes this clear. At any other time at any Other office without the combo this would be the time to evaluate and tell them what it would cost to perform al of the necessary work. Erika thinks that braces aren't the right fit for her. They'll cramp her style. So instead of the boring discussion pull out the Ipad and load up her chart with some nice tunes and outline the steps for her in a way that she can understand it. So, instead of the boring lecture you have the personalized explaiation that is more likely to get to the patient and the added bonus is it makes them feel special. when you become creative and interesting or make someone feel special they are more likely to respond in a desired way. If it is a positive expierience it promotes the office. How many new ideas could a doctor or dentist create or come up with if the idea of presenting it wasn't limited anymore? Wheel Of Possibilities! Orthodontists can crativly plan and map out braces for each patient Dentists can efficiently present patient charts in style,talored to specific needs and budgets Patient care and organiztion of charts increases and becomes unified Smile! A dentist can now add in finished work and promote themselves as well as secure the patients veiw of what could be expected. Ipad Prezi Ipad offers creative applications and downloadable options to optimize work and projects Prezi is an online tool or site if you may that allows users to create presentations for various reasons Also, for a pediatric dentist think about the creative an cute vidoes about brushing that could be made for children. There could always be the pediatric patient who needs encouragement from the magical toothbrush and if you get creative then it could work out great.
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