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CITERS 2013 Presentation

The Female Pedagogical Technologist: Paradigms of Power Distance

David Woo

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of CITERS 2013 Presentation

David James Woo (about.me/davidwoo) The Female Pedagogical Technologist: Paradigms of Power Distance Background and Methodology Research question Findings and Discussion Sue What are the professional identities of
pedagogical technologists in schools in Asia? Pedagogical Technologists 10/10 Specific roles to support technology integration in schools
Pedagogical technologists
Professional identities for technology integration personnel in schools
What is and what influences professional identity Literature gaps The social, physical and abstract community Recognition Performance Competence Professional
Identity Conclusion Local significance Individual significance Exploratory and small scale research Increase awareness of gender inequality in educational technology professional development in schools Teacher professional identity research Practical knowledge of
PT competence and performance Changes to specific ways schools think about technology in education Technology integration for changing practices in schools The future for schools? Reflection
Cathartic Appropriate policy Appropriate practice Job titles
Job descriptions
Professional development
Work context support Challenges to counter-recognition
Historical forces
External validity Counter-recognition So there’s a whole other side to the path I’ve taken. And that whole other side is to promote equality and equity in the use of technology, not only for our learners, but also, in a professional context, for women. It’s not always about, “OK, I’m Sue and I have this breadth of professional experience, and I have a really good brain as well!” Sometimes that doesn’t even enter into the conversation.

It’s like a mille feuille pastry. There are so many layers of professional hierarchy but within those layers...And as a woman, you are constantly having to wade through that...to get to the next layer and the next layer and the next layer.

It’s a part of having to work your way through that...to establish your credibility and your reputation. How many conversations have we had about mediocrity? How many conversations have we had, deep conversations, about so many people move becoming tech coaches or specialist tech integrators. But really, that’s the bottom rung on the ladder when it comes to being a pedagogical technologist. I’m constantly broadcasting from the rooftops to anybody at any event that we have this phenomenal person. Whether I’m at a board meeting, whether I’m at a dinner, I will let it slip out. And people respect that.

I’m very proud of Sue so I tell everyone. Organizational performances
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