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HONORS 10th grade: What can I expect in Honors World History II?

For World II classes

Mary Patterson

on 7 September 2016

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Transcript of HONORS 10th grade: What can I expect in Honors World History II?

What can I expect in Honors World History II?
7. Class doesn't stop when you're out
8. Follow the rules
Now it's your turn to summarize...
1. Be prompt.
2. Be prepared.
3. Be polite.
4. Be responsible with your
5. No mess, or no food.

The top 10 things you should know to have a good year
Class Procedures
and Expectations
9 1/2. Phones and Electronics
5. Homework
Vocabulary and short answer sheets are
always due on the day of a quiz (see calendar).

Any assigned reading (textbook or otherwise)
means you TAKE NOTES and can use those
notes on a short reading quiz at the beginning
of the following class.

Default HW: review your notes! It take 10 minutes
and literally helps your brain retain the information.
1. We pick up right where you left off last year in World History I...
We start with the Renaissance and
go all the way up to the present day
Era 6: World at 1500
Era 7: Age of Revolution
Era 8: Industrialization and Imperialism
Era 9: 20th century world
Era 10: Contemporary world
*There is an SOL for this class in May.
3. Your book is online, just like last year.

If you know you need or want a hard copy of the book, SPEAK UP and you can sign one out.
During FOCUS this week and next week we'll make sure everyone can access their account with the textbook.
6. Every day, expect:
9. Supplies
By next week you MUST have:
3-ring binder JUST for history (2 inches)
pen and pencils
loose-leaf paper
colored pencils
box of tissues OR hand sanitizer

2. What's different
about Honors?
4. Grades are EARNED, not given...
1-Era tests: 25%
2-Quizzes: 30%
3-Projects and Essays: 20%
4-Classwork: 15%
(group work, writing activities, seminars & discussions, simulations, etc.)
5-Homework: 10%
(open-note reading quiz, topic vocab and short answer)
Grades can be accessed through Parent View starting September 19. I will email grades home every week until October 17, when the system starts emailing automatically.

YOU are responsible for keeping up with work!
If you are absent:
1. Check your class calendar.
2. Check Blackboard
3. Pick up any handouts from the "While you were out" crate.
4. Arrange to make up tests/quizzes missed.
If you miss a test/quiz, be prepared to take within a week of returning to school.
Late work will be accepted with a 20% penalty off of the earned grade

1. Look at the essential question at the top of your notes

2. Read over your notes

3. Summarize your notes in 3-4 sentences. Your summary should answer the question, "What can I expect in World History II?"
it's easy as 1,2,3...
Take the bathroom pass, sign out, and go.
Don't ask, don't dance, just go.
If the pass is gone, wait until it comes back.
One in, one out. No exceptions.
No one leaves during a test.
If you need to go to the nurse, library, etc. then you need to ask first and if given the OK, write a pass in your planner.
10: If you gotta go (or want some water)...


Era Tests

Reassessment or retake policy
More writing
*Every quiz and test will have a short answer component

*We will learn to write
Questions (DBQs)

More work with primary sources (both visual and text)
More group work
Non-honors classes spend
more time covering the basics.

In general, we do not go in to as great a depth with the content as we will in this class.
Note: AP World History classes have a totally different
curriculum, pacing, and textbook. This class is NOT "AP-Light".
0.5 GPA boost to reflect greater rigor
There will be many times when it is fine to use your phone in this class.
**I will clearly tell you when those times are. You should NOT be on your phone/device during a lecture or during tests and quizzes. If you are, it will be taken.**
Repeat offenders will receive detention (3rd offense) and may be referred to Mr. Pflugrath (4th offense).

All of this information is in your syllabus!
Your Homework tonight is to go on Blackboard and review the syllabus with your parent/guardian.

Once you have looked at the syllabus together, sign the signature page and return to me.

If you cannot access blackboard, let me know next class and I will make sure you are enrolled in the site.
1. Handouts on the computer cart should be picked up on your way in the door.
2. Our agenda and HW is posted on the board for your reference. No surprises! And, it's always on the calendar!
3. A warm-up. I expect you to have all your papers and be in your seat working on the warm-up when the bell rings.
4. All class materials posted to Blackboard. Blackboard is your friend. Check it regularly.
The Curve of Forgetting

*why you should always review your notes!
("Mastery Learning")
We want you to do well (really).

If you feel that your performance on an era test does not reflect your mastery of the content, you can reassess that test
if you have completed all assignments for that unit.

You will receive the higher of the two grades.

ONLY era tests are available for reassessments.
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