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Internet Safety Tips for Kids

How to keep kids safe when they use the internet

Angel Zudel

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Internet Safety Tips for Kids

Internet Safety Tips for Kids Be sure to ask your parents permission before you use the internet. Rule # 1 Make sure they know what you are doing and what site you are on. Rule # 2 Don't ever meet up with someone you meet on the internet unless your parents are with you! Sometimes people aren't always who they say they are online. On the internet you may think you are talking to someone like this..... But behind the computer screen it could really be someone like this..... Don't give out any of your personal information on the internet. Rule # 3 Never send anyone a picture of yourself or put it online without your parents permission. Rule # 4 Rule # 5 If you happen receive mean or threatening comment(s) online, don't respond. Be sure to log off and inform your parents about the situation. Rule # 6 While on the internet, never put anything mean or uncalled for things about someone. Even if you think someone was being mean to you, being mean back is not a safe way to handle the problem or situation. Rule # 7 If you happen to see something inappropriate while you are online, be sure to let your parents know. Rule # 8 Ask your parents before you download or install anything onto your computer. Rule # 9 Never give out any of your passwords to anyone except your parent or guardian. Rule # 10 Avoid chat rooms. Such as address, phone number, school, etc. Don't let someone get away with cyber bullying you. Tell someone! No one wants to be cyber bullied, so no one should be the cyber bully! Show them what you are wanting to download or install so they know exactly what it is. Don't give your passwords to anyone in order to stay safe! These rules are to keep kids away from online predators!
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