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Paranormal Activiy: Kansas City

No description

Kara Fatino

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Paranormal Activiy: Kansas City

The Union Station Massacre took place on June 17, 1933
Bank Robber Frank Nash was being arrested. His allies opened fire in attempt to rescue Nash. Nash, A Federal agent, and three police officers were killed as a result.
There have been rumors of haunting ever since.

Paranormal Activity: Kansas City
Oddfellows Home
A property, run for more than a century by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, includes a former orphanage, nursing home, hospital and cemetery set on 170 acres off of Missouri’s Highway 291 just south of Liberty.

It has also been rumored to have been an insane asylum.
Excelsior Springs
Hotel Savoy, built in 1888- said to have two resident ghosts: Betsy Ward, a woman that died in a bathtub in the 1800s, and Fred Ligthner
Epperson House - Outside on the road a policeman in his car was hit from behind by a "phantom" car, it pushed his car forward with the sound of crunching metal and breaking glass heard. When he got out of his car to see who had hit him, the other car had vanished and his own car was undamaged, but left skid marks from where it had been pushed. Inside the house people have reported a feeling of oppression inside the home.
The Way out
Union Station
Reports in the orphanage include voices, music playing, footsteps and people have had their pant legs tugged.

In the other buildings, however, the owner is worried that the paranormal activity is negative. There is a morgue in the nursing home that is especially creepy, and people have been pushed and touched, seen dark shadow figures and heard voices. In the bunker, visitors have heard children singing.

More than 10,000 people have died in this complex over the years, so the potential for paranormal activity is certainly high!
Park University
Nestled in historic downtown Parkville, Park University has been teeming with paranormal activity since it was established in 1875.
Other KC Hauntings
The Elms Hotel in Excelsior Springs is one of the area's most well-known haunted locations. Built in 1912, there have been reports of several ghost sitings. Reports say the hotel’s lap pool is haunted by a male ghost from the speakeasy days, during which the pool was part of the basement. The man is said to have been killed there by the mob. Others say the ghost they’ve seen at the pool is a woman who is upset and looking for her child. She is known to pull hair and throw things if her temper is riled.

On the hotel’s third floor, a twenty-something woman in a maid’s outfit is said to supervise the living housekeepers, making sure their work is done correctly.
And even here at Congress Middle School....
The History of Halloween
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