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Industrial Engineering

Daniel Munoz

daniel muoz

on 14 December 2009

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Transcript of Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering Projected Job growth? Overall employment for Industrial Engineering is expected to grow about 7 percent between 2006 and 2016, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Competitive pressures will force companies to improve and update manufacturing facilities and product designs, resulting in more jobs for Industrial Engineering Avarage income $85,000 Career Education in Industrial Engineering To become a industrial Enginner you must
have a well rounded education and you need to study in this fields

* Computer systems
* Mathematics
* Statistics
* Design
* Management
Although some campus and online colleges offer associate's degrees in industrial engineering technology, most careers in the field of industrial engineering require a bachelor's degree at minimum. Top schools 1. Lehigh University

2. Hofstra University

3. Kettering University Companies for industrial engineer
• American Express
• Bank of America
• Bausch & Lomb
• Baxter
• Blue Cross and Blue Shield
• Boeing
• Bosch
• Caterpillar
• Exxon Mobil
• Federal Express
• Fidelity Investments
• Ford Motor Company
• General Electric
• General Motors
• IBM Corporation
• International Trucking
• Motorola
• Ryder
• University of Chicago Hospitals
• Walt Disney Company What do industrial engineers do? Industrial engineers design, plan and control many types of systems in manufacturing and service sectors. For example..

* Design manufacturing processes
* Develop automation for high productivity
* Develop production schedules and establish inventory levels
* Ensure product quality is maintained
* Develop software that analyzes data, controls equipment and unites the production system
* Design the job itself, so that it conforms to the capabilities and limitations of the human operator and ensures the workers' health and safety
* Analyze and design supply chain

Benefits A benefit from this carrer is that it
is a well paid job and there is many jobs
for this carrer LInks http://www.indeed.com/salary/Industrial-Engineer.html





http://www.ie.psu.edu/ProspectiveStudents/Questions/Q2.html Daniel Munoz
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