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Chinglish YSP

Chinglish is a fusion form of language that forges the essential elements of English and Chinese

Andrew Huen

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Chinglish YSP

CHINGLISH Chinglish is a fusion form of language that forges the essential elements of English and Chinese America UK Canada Australia China English is one of the most mainstram languages in Western Countries Chinese is the language spken in China CHINGLISH - A newly and randomly created language that consists both English and Chinese
- Chinglish can be referred to three different concepts:

Martian is basically the phonics of the verbal pronunciation of chinese,often used in casual text communications:
whats app, facebook messages Common misuse in language This happens when people don't know English and they start using chinese grammar, that causes a akward mixture between Chinese and English Martian This basically means that the literal "chinese Character" is mixed with a letter from the english alphabet which causes a wierd looking simplified character. A hybrid in word formation E X A M P L E S There are many examples of Chinglish that we can see in our daily life, for example from menus in restaurants and signs along the road. Lets take a look at the plot we've prepared and the funny examples Hong Kong Reflections Huen Andrew:
Through this project, I learnt a lot of things which is critical and beneficial to by future, especially in the essence of chinglish lies in the integration of the two languages, Chinese and English, forging this fusion language which possesses various advantages like convenience, and efficiency. I believe that this new form of language will bring a lot of benefits to our lives.
Besides, when we encountered problem in the grueling process of the project, we have gradually learnt to cooperate with each other, thus developing friendship and a shared vision between us.
Furthermore, I’ve also learnt not to copy information and recources directly from the internet as that can be regarded as plagerism, but still learning to collect recources efficiently by using reliable sources.
In a nutshell, I have learnt a lot throughout this project, which is a really cherishable experience. In general, I found this project quite enjoyable

Appendix 4B
For this project, we choose the subject “Introduction to a new language-Chinglish”. We did many appendixes and class works about this topic. We have a lot of time to do this work and good distribution of work. As everyone know that Chinglish is some funny words that Only Hong kong-er speak and it became part of the Hong Kong culture, it is really fun while we are searching for information based on this topic. It is also lucky that we get along with our group members very well, we share different works to do. I enjoy doing this project. Firstly, I knew some new friends like Andrew and Jason. Also, I learn more knowledge about Chinglish and how to get along with other people that you do not know at first.
By Ken Fung 8J (13) Thank you
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