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Life is Good Internship Presentation

No description

Fiona McCarthy

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of Life is Good Internship Presentation

How it all started...
Bert and John Jacobs are the founders of the company

The Jacob brothers designed their first t-shirt in 1989 and traveled the East Coast to try and sell their shirts

The brothers were not that successful until they started featuring the character "Jake" on their t-shirts.
The message

The message that Life is Good sends is the
power of optimism
The company donates
10% of its net profit to children in need
Their clothing sends inspirational messages and embodies optimism

Using certain statistics in order to spread the brand name.

Our site mentor was Chris, he is in charge of keeping track of all of the traffic to the website and analyzing how effective one ad or email is in making people visit the website

Other aspects of the marketing team is tracking social media and the catalog process
Our Role
We learned about each person's role and the basics behind marketing.

We provided a new perspective on the effective of certain ads.

We helped brainstorm ideas for blogs that they can write.

We helped organize social media sites.
The Community
Life is good was a really laid back and casual environment

The office is one big open space where it is easy for everyone to collaborate

You do not have to dress up for work, you can show up in jeans every day
We enjoyed getting to work on projects that were actually published on the site.

Marketing mostly depended solely on straightforward ads and media posts.
There is a lot of planning along with a myriad of statistics that affect marketing and the ads shown.
Career Goals
Marketing has proved to be a lot more work than we initially thought, but with a work environment similar to this it seems like a potential career.

This internship showed us that not every business job is restricted to "cubicle city," making it a viable option for a career.

From here, the plan is to graduate high school, then off to college to discover another area of interest for us.
The Greater Good

Life is good does not just focus on making a profit for their company, they also donate 10% of their net profit to kids in need

Life is good spreads positivity and optimism during hard times, and always makes sure to give back
the products that Life is good sells reiterates their message of optimism
all of their products send some sort of positive message
Fiona McCarthy and Hannah Arlauskas
The Superpowers represent the core values of the company

"Our belief is that the best way to overcome obstacles is to focus on the opportunities.”
The Environment
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