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Entry Document Workshop

A few project examples

Carie spannagel

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Entry Document Workshop

Entry Documents
3 Formats for Entry Documents:
1. Replication of the end product (As long as the grass grows)
2. Simulation that involves impersonating an entity
(Hungry Attorneys Law Firm)
3. Authentic document/ event
(Film Festival)
A Good Entry Document
Is aligned to State standards
Sets the scene
Outlines the problem/project without giving too much detail
Gives the students roles (problem statement)
Gives the students a goal/idea of end product (problem statement)
Provides key words or phrases that hint toward the need-to-know list (bread crumbs)
externalizes the enemy
Creates a hook that will engage learners
Entry Document
Can be used to focus your learners
Gives your learners more information
Allows for another opportunity to imbed breadcrumbs
Discuss with your group the following questions:
How could you have made the entry document into an entry event?
What is a way to ensure that your entry document/ event will produce a "good" set of knows/ need to knows?
How could you utilize a twist in a project? Give an example.
Think: As an individual, read through the entry documents.
Pair: Find a partner. Rank the entry documents from the "best" to the "worst".
Share: Be prepared to share with the whole group your ranking choices and why.
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