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Sony Corporation

No description

evan kollmann

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Sony Corporation

Sony Corporation
KJE Consulting Firm
Financial Holdings Group
Sony Life
Sony Assurance
Sony Bank
Current Financial Holdings Strategy
Sony's current strategy is geared towards the development of a fourth business pillar within its Financial Holdings Group.

This pillar would establish a Nursing Care business unit within the Japanese market, as a strategic measure to capitalize on the increasing size of Japan's aging population.
Alternative Strategy 1
Expand Sony's Financial Holdings Group into the United States, as the U.S. currently serves as the world's largest market for insurance needs. It is also the leading country in renewing both life and non-life premiums.
Current Entertainment Strategy
Alternative Strategy 1
Expanding on Sony's current entertainment strategy, we propose Sony capitalize on The Orchard's distribution power to develop and design a music, video, and film streaming marketplace applicable on all Sony electronics:

Sony Smartphones
Sony Tablets
Sony Televisions
Sony PS4

Current Electronics Strategy
Alternative Strategy 1
Alternative Strategy 2
New Mission Statement
Sony’s mission is to better the world with continuous developments in the design and production of professional and consumer electronics, entertainment content, and diverse financial services. Sony users have a passion for innovation, looking for technical and entertaining solutions to everyday needs. Our core respect to innovation and curiosity drives our imaginative workforce to deliver exciting,
entertaining, and unique experiences to
the entire world.
Our goal is to provide Sony Corporation with alternative strategies that will lead this company to a long-term viable competitive position by increasing :

Financial revenues
Strategic synergy
Relative market share
Sony Revenues by Business Segment
Sony Mobile Communications
Home Entertainment & Sound
Imagining Products & Solutions
Sony Pictures
Sony Music
Sony Entertainment Network
The current strategy aims to increase your competitive edge by investing in technological developments advancing image sensors and photography capabilities, which would leverage improved:

Image Sensitivity
Image Clarity
Image Recognition
Image Processing

Expand Sony's Electronics Business Unit into the emerging wearable technology market that possess innovative communication & audio capabilities in order to establish synergy between:

Sony Mobile Communications
Sony Imaging Products & Solutions
Sony Devices
Sony's current entertainment strategy is geared towards achieving total controllable interest in The Orchard, the worlds largest independent music, video, and film distribution company in order to enhance its relationships with distribution clients worldwide to reduce digital supply chain costs.
Alternative Strategy 2
Develop and design a security encryption service that would provide cyber security on all digital entertainment, thus protecting Sony consumers' information and Sony's corporate content.
Alternative Strategy 2
Viable Strategy
Viable Strategy
KJE Consultants suggest Sony Corporation follow
Alternative Strategy 1
as the industry for personal computers is declining, as visible by the industries product life cycle.

9-Cell Model
In comparison, the market for Consumer Electronic Drones is entering the growth stage that has unmeasurable opportunity and limited competition for an emerging market.
KJE Consulting does not recommend selecting the cyber security
Alternative Strategy
because of Sony's previous investments in overall company quality improvements.
This strategy also does not contribute towards the expansion of Sony synergy nor will it increase Sony's market share in the photography business.
KJE Consultants does not recommend continuing Sony's
current strategy
, as the digital photography industry is in maturity as illustrated on the product life cycle.
The strategy to invest in Research & Development of existing products would not return the photography industry into exponential growth.
KJE Consultants does not recommend
alternative strategy 2,
as the battle for market share has already begun in establishing the market leader in wearable technology. It would not be a favorable strategic move for Sony to invest capital in the Research & Development costs necessary to compete in this market.

This strategic move in the Consumer Drone Industry would also further improve overall 9-cell scores, as it will establish synergy among Sony's Electronic & Entertainment business units, specifically in the following ways:

Sony Imaging Products & Solutions
Sony Devices
Sony Mobile Products & Communication
Sony Home Entertainment & Sound
Sony Pictures
Sony Entertainment Network
The sale of VAIO's PC business would result in $355,722,800 towards Sony's bottom line.
The industry for overall consumer electronics is continuing to grow as a result of continuous advancements in innovation.
Expanding into wearable technologies would also limit the amount of synergistic opportunities towards the Electronics Business Unit instead of contributing towards company wide revenue generators.
The overall entertainment industry has continued to grow as advancements in cinematography, sound, and gaming technologies appeal to larger demographics worldwide.
Sony's Entertainment Business Unit is particularly successful in competing in the entertainment industry as evident by the
circle highlighted on the 4 quadrant portfolio model.
KJE Consultants recommend implementing
Alternative Strategy 1
as a continuation of Sony Entertainment's current strategy.

Developing and designing a streaming marketplace utilizing The Orchards distribution leverage will allow Sony to fully capitalize on their investment by influencing the amount of Sony content in the industry.
The industry for digital streaming is growing, as depicted in the Product Life Cycle below.
Digital Content Streaming is forecasted to continually grow, surpassing all other revenue distribution channels.
Market data also indicates digital streaming
as a growing trend from as early as 2012.
Market data also highlights a concerning decrease in demand for personal computing, as PC revenues continue to decline into 2015.
A new digital streaming marketplace would also establish synergy between Sony's Electronics & Entertainment Business Units, specifically:
Sony Music
Sony Pictures
Sony Devices
Sony Mobile & Communications
Sony Home Entertainment & Sound
Sony Gaming
KJE Consultants would not recommend Sony's current entertainment strategy as a business plan to increase financial viability as their current strategy lacks revenue generating alternatives and synergistic opportunities.
Viable Strategy
Sony's late entrance into the cyber security's industry would be a risky transition as Sony would be shaken out of the market by trying to compete with tech giants, such as Cisco Systems Inc. and McAfee.
KJE Consultants recommends implementing
Alternative Strategy 2
in order to avoid paying out astronomically high life insurance policies in which Japan's majority holders are senior citizens above the age of 65.
KJE Consulting does not recommend
Alternative Strategy 1
because the United States has a highly regulated market which is further complicated by The Affordable Care Act. This piece of legislation decreases the cost of insurance premiums that providers can offer which is offset by government subsidies to individual consumers.
KJE Consulting is not recommending Sony's Financial Holdings Group current strategy because it would require substantial overhead costs, staffing resources, and medical equipment expenses that would surpass the amount of allocated cash available.
Venturing into the nursing industry would not provide synergistic opportunities for Sony's other strategic business units.
As the number of senior citizens rises, so does the aggregate amount of life-care insurance payouts. The number of seniors over 65 years of age hit an all-time high of 32.07 million.
In accordance with the 9-cell model, it is evident that Sony's Financial Holdings Group, (represented by a
circle), is competing in an unattractive industry while currently struggling to achieve synergy amongst the rest of the business units.
Utilizing the 9-cell model depicted below, it is evident by Sony's positioning (highlighted in
) that the Electronics Industry is an attractive market. This is also an industry in which Sony performs well.
However, if Sony Entertainment utilized The Orchard to its maximum capacity, it would increase synergy between the Entertainment & Electronics Business Units.
Also, the high cost of doing Research & Development to investigate the U.S. market is not financially feasible as competition is highest in this stage.
Statements made in this release with respect to Sony's current plans, estimates, strategies, and beliefs and other statements that are not historical facts are forward-looking statements about the future performance of Sony. Forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, those statements using words such as "believe," "expect," "plans," "strategy," "prospects," "forecast," "estimate," "project," "anticipate," "aim," intend," "seek," "may," "might," "could" or "should," and words of similar meaning in connection with a discussion of future operations, financial performance, events or conditions.
Cautionary Statement
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