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period 1 genocide project.

Araceli Oropeza

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of dq

They saw the genocide as a way to solve their problems. The United States is ivestigating the massacre. They were trying to get rid of the Anuak tribe. It is one of the worst single- day killing of Anuak. It took place in Gambella, the capital of the state. Gambella shares a border with Sudan. The Anuak lived in a verdant western region of Ethiopia. Genocides is generally considered one of the worst moral crimes in a government. Occured Saturday, December 13 403 bodies were found dead. One of the smallest genocide commited.
About 400 of those killed were Anuaks. 2,000 Anuak have settled in the United States after fleeing ethic cleaning. located in East Africa Kids in Ethiopian were dying of hunger because Ethiopian was a very poor place and instead of buying food they would buy weapons. Ethiopian Genocide by Araceli Oropeza, Mariela Mendoza, and Joanna Caballero Known as the Bloody Saturday.
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