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Rocky Mountain Food Chain

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jane roarty

on 21 September 2014

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Transcript of Rocky Mountain Food Chain

Rocky Mountains
The Food Web
What Makes it cool?
The mountain ecosystem is cool because it is different from many different ecosystems, because at one point, the elevation is to high for most forms of life.
The food web
Food Chain
The tree is at the bottom of this food chain because it photosynthesizes, or creates its own food, but the products of this tree are eaten by other animals such as the tree frog.
Human Disturbances
One major human disturbance to the Rocky mountain eco-system has been the hunting of mule deer. There are hardly any at all, so the National Park service had to ban the hunting of them because it was throwing off the food web.
With the death of the mule deer, they were not eating all of the vegetation which grew in so the trees and plants were becoming more populous. Also, the mule deer are food for many of the bigger animals like the mountain lion and the bobcat, but with the death of them, there is less food for those animals, so they are more likely to die of starvation, leading to an increase in all of the animals which they eat.
Food Chain
The tree frog eats parts of the tree, so it is a primary consumer. After the frog eats that, the animals in the next level of the food web will eat it, such as the jackrabbit.
Food Chain
Jackrabbit: The jackrabbit is a secondary consumer because it will eat the animals which eat the plants. The jackrabbit will then be consumed by another animal, like the mountain lion.
Food Chain
Mountain Lion:
The mountain lion will eat smaller secondary consumers such as the jackrabbit, and it will most likely die of natural or human causes and then its decaying remains will feed the bacteria and small bugs in the soil which will in turn feed the plants. Their excrement will also feed the plants because of all the nitrogen.
Energy Pyramid
There are more organisms at the bottom of the pyramid, because some organisms from each level do not die for a while, and the organisms do not consume every part of each organism, so some of the energy is lost along the way. If you look at it from the top down, there can only be so many animals, if there is only a certain amount of food in the level below them, so they will need to consume more of that level than there are of organisms in the original level.
Why are there more organisms lower down?
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