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Roman Torture Devices and Methods

My Latin class presentation.

Katherine Reina

on 29 November 2016

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Transcript of Roman Torture Devices and Methods

Roman Torture Devices
and Methods of Torture

Katherine Reina
Throwing a criminal into the river.
Gladiators didn't actually come from upper class Roman families but low ranking ones. Many were slaves captured by the military, convicted thieves, murderers, and rebels.
The punishment for
Because slaves did cost money, many of the punishments didn't inflict lasting damage. Therefore, the Lash was a common punishment for slaves.
A common method of punishment used by the Romans.
The Romans had a twisted sense of humor! Gladiators were often placed in scenarios they had no chance of winning.
What is torture?
The action or practice of inflicting severe pain on someone as a
or to force them to do or say something.
The animals actually had to be trained to kill people since they had no instinct to do so.
"A capital punishment used by the Romans!"
A form of punishment used for only very serious offenses.
This was a punishment used in the Roman army. Of every ten soldiers one was executed.
Cause of Death?
or otherwise known as suffocation, however this form of execution ranges in other causes of death as well. For example, physical shock.
Crucifixion was considered a shameful and disgraceful way to die.
Projectio in profluentem
Killing one's father
Once convicted...
of patricide, the guilty individual was blindfolded. Next, after the individual was taken outside the city, they would be stripped and whipped with rods.
The individual would then be placed inside of a sack and thrown into the sea.
Flavian Amphitheater
The Colosseum was not only used for gladiator fights...
"Death in the Colosseum"
Rebels, thieves and traitors were dragged to the Colosseum to be publicly executed.
There was no specific "game" they were sentenced to. The ruling was "death in the arena".
Two criminals were strapped to both ends of the seesaw and encouraged to begin the game. Then, the cages of the Colosseum were opened and wild animals were released.
The use of the "seesaw" in the Colosseum
"Playful" Pranks were also used on "local miscreants"
"As this man has practiced deceit, now deceit is practiced on him."
They've also had much more brutal methods of torture for daughters of descendents and political opponents of the Empire, or adulterers and rapists.
Chimps and Baboons were used for this brutal act. They were given alcohol until the point they were drunk. These Apes were specially trained to rape women who would be tied to a post.
The Use of Wild Animals
The event of feeding convicts to hungry carnivores was a public event.
Tarpeian Rock
dejectio e rupe Tarpeia
There were two forms of execution on this rock:
Being killed on the rock and then being thrown off.
Execution by precipitation.
Rome's persecution of Christians
Those who practiced Christianity were considered criminals and were either killed or tortured.
Became very sick one October and after the illness passed he became a very evil man.
Nero's persecution of the Christians (64 AD).
Nero blamed the christians for burning down the city of Rome.
Christians were tortured by emperors that followed Nero however the style of torture did change with each emperor.
Confiscation of property
Being fed to animals
Being burned at the stake
Rome Burns
A citizen once insulted Caligula to his face. He responded by having the individual tied down and beaten with heavy chains.
Caligula's favorite method of torture was sawing
He had another insulter and his entire family publicly executed in front of a crowd, forcing the family to watch.
Ruled for fifteen years.
Had his own mother executed (he didn't trust her).
Blamed for a fire in 64 A.D. and used the Christians as a scapegoat.
Was eventually hated by his people and was ruled a public enemy.
Son of Marcus Aurelius, one of Rome’s greatest rulers.
He adored Gladiatorial games. particularly playing in the games.
At one point he had ordered anyone in the city considered "undesirable" to be thrown into the arena to kill each other.
He adored killing animals.
In one day he killed 100 lions.
Caligula Clip - The Most Evil Men in History
14 - 37
Didn't exactly care for the job...
His safety was a concern to him, so he had to leave Rome to the island of Capri.
While living on this island he had a huge villa known as the Villa of Jove (Jupiter).
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