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GEm1 Risk

GEM1 Risk

ben w

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of GEm1 Risk

Risk Mapping Sandbox Overview The GEM1 Risk mapping interface was developed as a mock-up static mapping interface to explore how risk results could be presented.

The MAG review recommended an efficient user interface be developed.

The tool and its capabilities were developed considering the scope of the project, flexibility, ease of use and expandability.
Risk Mapping Sandbox Purpose Provide the risk team with a tool to view and check results
Develop a clear image from abstract ideas
Explore open source mapping technologies
Hands on approach to shape an application

Risk Mapping Sandbox (Client-Side) Project Design - Wish List Top Down Approach
Emphasis on compatibility
A workspace that expands to fit the browser
A user-friendly layout
Desktop style GIS tools
Pop-up windows for maps or user-defined selections/input etc
Use of tabs add/remove modules
Export/plot maps
Possibility to view and even modify data in tables
Both 2D and 3D views Risk Mapping Sandbox (Client-Side) Client-Side Evaluation (Open Source Mapping Applications) OpenLayers
OpenLayers is a library for displaying map data in web browsers. It provides an API for building rich web-based geographic applications.
Risk Mapping Sandbox (Client-Side) Client-Side Evaluation (JavaScript) Ext JS / GeoEXT
Implementing Ext JS/GeoEXT positions us for streamline compatibility with the OpenGeo/GeoNode project

Ext JS can pull data from a web service using JSON or XML Risk Mapping Sandbox (Client-Side) Ext JS JavaScript Library A Ext JS viewport is a panel-like component that encloses the entire layout, fitting it into the whole visible area of an internet browser.
Risk Mapping Sandbox GeoServer / Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) As we speak GeoServer is gaining SDI compatibility as GeoNode is developing direct integration of GeoNetwork into GeoServer.

This offers a tool for commercial, NGO and governmental collaboration. Risk Mapping Sandbox GEM1 Risk Viewer Overview & purpose
Other portals and similar initiatives
Client-side evaluation & tour
Spatial data infrastructure
GEM1 Risk Viewer Risk Mapping Sandbox Conclusions As the MAG review recommended an efficient user interface be developed along the lines of what is expected within GEM

We followed a comprehensive model that uses fixable components which allowed for a fast 'out of the box' deployment

We deployed a mapping interface to explore risk results

We emphasized flexibility, ease of use and expandability CAPRA Spatial Data Infrastructure
Analysis and reporting tool
Allow connectivity between several GeoNode instances to augment the collaborative potential of government GIS programs Risk Mapping Sandbox GIEWS Workstation Portal Risk Mapping Sandbox Other Portals and Similar Initiatives GeoPortail
Other Portals and Similar Initiatives Risk Mapping Sandbox Earth Link
Other Portals and Similar Initiatives Risk Mapping Sandbox Earth Link
Other Portals and Similar Initiatives Risk Mapping Sandbox Other Portals and Similar Initiatives OneGeology Risk Mapping Sandbox Risk Mapping Sandbox Collaboration
Data collection GeoNode's 'Use Case' with Central America Probabilistic Risk Assessment (CAPRA)
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