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Should the The Giver Be Banned

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Ivan Arce

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Should the The Giver Be Banned

Should the The Giver Be Banned:Dangers Censorship Freedom Of speech Why It Should Be Banned Why It Should Not Be Banned Life Lessons Counter Argument Real Life The Giver has won a Newberry Medal, yet created opposition in libraries and schools in the country. Librarians as well as parents have some concerns about euthanasia, infanticide and suicide in a middle-school books. Adults feel that students are not ready to handle the discussing the topics, and want the book banned from their libraries.This is not the case; however, because The Giver merely discusses topics which parents feel uncomfortable explaining. The facet of the matter is, most kids in middle-school are already exposed to “the real world”, and will not be negatively influenced by The Giver . By banning many classic books, some life lessons may be ignored. Books that have been banned over the years for themes have of past issues. One is racism, racism in books was acceptable in the the 80's, but what people dont understand is that the time period is different today making the issue obsolete.
Students have the right to to choose their own books and
the freedom to choose what to read.
Also Librarians should know the student’s maturity level and help them find books that are appropriate for them.
But if necessary of concerned adults, students must get a permission slip to sign to read a certain book. INTRO The Giver is one one of the most banned books in the America. Parents argue that some context is inappropriate for children;that it teaches euthanasia, suicide and murder is the way to form the perfect utopian society. But banning and censorship violate the first amendment of the Constitution. Censorship leaves no room for diverse cultures and ideas; it can destroy cultures and creative ideas. Others say this book depress and traumatize children because of the context of the story; including the throwing babies as thrash for being the smallest of the twins. Although the book contains this it does not support them. In fact the main character runs away because of it. Conclusion The Giver is frequently banned in the America. Parents say the context is inappropriate for children;that it teaches euthanasia, suicide and murder is the way to form the perfect Utopian society. But banning and censorship violate the first amendment . Censorship leaves does not allow for diverse cultures and ideas to exist; it can destroy cultures and creative ideas. Others say the book depresses and traumatizes children because of the context ; by disposing people like thrash. Although the book contains this it does not support them. The book Merely teaches the lessons of the dangers of the book, and how they can become the future or relate to real life. Work Cited Censorship and banning violate the first amendment, freedom of speech. Someone will always be offended by a material. Even the Smallest things offend certain people, making censorship and banning useless. If the government censored everything that offended someone all the rights will be taken away. It states in the Constitution that the government may not change or make laws that violate our rights.The First Amendment protects the students’ right to know and the teachers’ right to academic freedom; censors are a bad example by going agaisnt rights from the First Amendment and have no respect for the student’s and teacher’s rights.
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."
-First Amendment Of the U.S Constitution In the The Giver some passages are inappropriate for children; the Utopian society relies on euthanasia, infanticide and murder to keep order and peace. Children not understanding this could become traumatized later; seeing death as a taker or spirit that comes and gets you. Concerned with how their world will change; with the loss of the relationship. Not to mention this literature showing children challenging parents and authorities. Legal experts also argue that parents have the right to protest books and materials that are considered damaging to their children. Supreme Court t deal with censorship issues and show support the schools; but they caution educators to remain aware of values in the communities . Experts have cited the First Amendment of the Constitution as protecting both students' rights to know and teachers' rights to academic freedom. The want them to ask the society on the situation. If all agree to ban than its ban. if not than not. Society CJ."Banning The Giver". The City Gate.10 January 2006.Web. 22 February 2013. "FIRST AMENDMENT". Cornell University Law school.Web.22 February 2013. "Banning Books from the Classroom: How to Handle Cries for Censorship".23 September 2005.Web. 22 February 2013. Shupe,Jaclyn ."Censoring the English Curriculum". Department of English, NIU.Web. 22 February 2013. Woolley D. Jacqueline. "Thinking about Fantasy: Are Children Fundamentally Different Thinkers and Believers from Adult. Child Development". December 1997. Web. 22 February 2013. "Children's Understanding of Death". Hospice.Web. 22 February 2013.
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