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vanessa huerta

on 27 February 2018

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Transcript of #

#HoustonStrong is an important hashtag going around in our community. It is important not only because of the travesties endured during Hurricane Harvey, but because it helps the community stand together as one and recover with hope. The knowledge that Houston is strong enough to endure the worst and still support one another, helps not only recover but also grow in the process. #HoustonStrong also promotes standing together during moments of happiness.
Through personal opinion I don't believe that hashtags can be overused. Every person in the community should be able to express their support through a hashtag without making the hashtag overused. On contrary, I believe the more a hashtag is used the better. Not only is the hashtag spreading all around, but its importance is growing too. Spreading the hashtag all around makes it more important, because it means that it is seen and people actually care to post it over and over again.
#HoustonStrong did not lose its importance as it was being shared, on the contrary it grew in importance. People all over saw the struggles Houston was facing during catastrophes such as Hurricane Harvey and cared enough to share their support. It's true #HoustonStrong helps people stand together through difficulty, but also stand together through happiness and when the city is at its strongest. For example: When the Astros won the World Series.
Past Post
In past post I have used the hashtag #HoustonStrong to support Houston's baseball team, the Astros. By supporting them I have shown that whether they lost or won, we would do it together as a community. I have also used it to support Houston's Food Bank, it was important for me to let people know that although many people may be struggling there is always someone willing to help. Working at a Food bank is very important it allows the less fortunate know that we care about them, and that they are not alone. Houston is Strong, and together we can grow endure many difficulties.
Are Hashtags Positive?
Hashtags are positive form of communication, not because they are a trend but because they help an entire community understand they are not alone. Hashtags help spread positivity and hope all around if used properly. For instance, #HoustonStrong has helped many citizens stand together through adversity a giving one another a shoulder to lean on when it seemed impossible to stay strong.
Effects of Hashtags
Hashtags are not just trends, they cause an effect in society. Many Hashtags have helped improve societies whether it was fund raising for a cause, fighting for our rights, or simply just praying for someone. It also helps society celebrate success with each other.
#HoustonStrong has had a positive effect all through the city of Houston. Through the hashtag, Houston's citizens have grown hope and have received support from so many people. Not only have we received prayers when we have gone through difficulties, but have also received monetary support to help the city recover. #HoustonStrong has also helped the city celebrate during times of success.
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