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TOUR 409

Olympic Group Project

Therese Karniej

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of TOUR 409

Alberta Fair Marketing Activity A fall-fair sort of atmosphere with Alberta inspired activities including:

Alberta fashion designers showcasing their designs with Olympians as models

Live entertainment to show off talent from Alberta’s festivals

Complimentary pancake breakfast 9-11 am each morning

Alberta athletes such as the Calgary Stampeders and Edmonton Eskimos interacting with kids in Olympic sports

Western-style carnival games on the fairgrounds

Kid’s petting zoo
Where: Larwill park
When: February 5-28th, 2010.

9 am: breakfast , carnival games open
12 pm: shows , entertainment and activities begin
10 pm: fair ends for the night with fireworks
The fair will be in this area because it has a big open space and is in a high traffic area.
As visitors enter they will be provided with a schedule of the days’ events, including what plays, fashion shows and concerts will be going on
Audience Consumers
Media Advertise through
different agents:

hotel and shuttle services
internet: facebook, twitter
Gaining Audience
Participation Message to Audience Experiences had at the Alberta fair can be translated to experiences you could have when visiting Alberta
Market Goals To appeal to wide range of people (different age groups)
To offer enough variety that everyone finds something they can enjoy
Create memories for the consumers that will make them think of Alberta
Make a link in people’s minds (a connection between their fun Alberta fair experience, and a desire to make the province of Alberta a future destination) Benefits for Alberta Alberta will be promoted as a safe, fun family atmosphere.
With a blend of different Alberta things, everyone should be able to think of something they like about the idea of visiting Alberta.
Will be put on families’ lists of “need to go to” places
Return on Investment
We hope to begin seeing a return on our investment after about 2 years have passed
Return should continue on for several years after this
Word of mouth will translate into an additional return on the investment
5 star hotel catered to a mature audience
Primarily meeting planners from large corporations, past Olympic athletes, media
Daytime picture of mountain scenery
Nighttime picture of Aurora Borealis
Evening lightshow to accompany the night time mural
Different Alberta themed rooms
Klondike Days, Calgary Stampede, Summer and Winter outdoors, Arts and Fashion
Touch screen map of Alberta
Past Olympic athlete conferences
Discuss things that will attract athletes to a train in a particular city

Discount rates to Olympic events available at front desk

All inclusive buffet dinners for hotel guests
Ideal Location:
111 Robson Street (the Hampton Inn and Suites)
Ideal location because thousands of people will walk past as it is right beside the Convention Centre where the nightly medal ceremonies take place
Marketing Activity Execution Primary target audience is media, meeting planners from large corporations, past Olympic athletes

Audience participation
We work with the IOC to access and invite ex-Olympic athletes
Discount room offers for the media
Exclusive executive invitations to meeting planners at top corporations

The message
Beauty yet sophistication of Alberta
Both the city life and recreation life have lots to offer
There is a wide variety of things to do. You can be in a completely different environment in just an hour’s drive
Market Goals Create awareness of how diverse Alberta is
Marketing Activity Market Audience Execution Market Goals Benefits for Alberta Personal leisure trips will begin to accumulate in 2-3 years
Corporation/business trips will begin to accumulate in 5-15 years
Benefit for Alberta Alberta will benefit greatly from the media coverage of light shows, past athlete talks and general interest of the hotel
Reviews on the food and hospitality will help to increase Alberta’s stature and entice people to come experience it for themselves
Return on Investment Hotel Alberta Market Audience Focus on bringing business corporations to the province while still catering to those who are interested in more leisure type activities
Allows us to attract as many diverse groups as possible
Return on Investment Alberta Cab Alberta's Proposed Initiative
for the
2010 Vancouver Olympics Chanelle, Hanna, Krista, Peter,
Therese, Victoria and Vishaal Thank you for your time...
Any questions? Execution Agreement with hotel owners
Owners receive profits while we run operations
Rent hotel from one week prior until end of Olympics To create excitement about Alberta and all of the interesting things to do
Get people to share their experiences with their friends through social media
People will be interested in all of the exciting opportunities and plan to come back within a few years.
Corporate travel will start to come to Alberta in 5 years.
Provide transportation to a variety of people in Vancouver
Tour operators, media groups, meeting planners and the general public There will be six experiences:

Alberta's sports teams
Klondike Days
Winter activities
Summer activities
Alberta Culture Alberta related items will be handed out to riders

They will include: Alberta will enjoy the exposure on the street immediately, while the
longer term benefits from tour operators and meeting planners will come in 5-10 years.
Put together through partnerships with the hotels in Vancouver, the airport, and the Alberta Fair.
The shuttles will be booked by groups of guests looking to travel to and from events around Vancouver. Cater to tour operators, the media, and corporate meeting planners, as well as the general public
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