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Copy of bel assgnment

No description

Di Az

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of bel assgnment


Group’s Members :
2011 BACKGROUND ASTRO MALAYSIA HOLDING BHD Astro Malaysia Holdings Sdn Bhd is Malaysia’s leading integrated crossmedia group with operations in 4 key businesses: Pay TV, Radio, Content and Digital. Launched in 1996, Astro today has a 50% penetration of TV homes in Malaysia or 3.1 million customers, making it a key pay TV operator in Southeast Asia. Astro broadcasts over more than 153 channels, of which 18 are in HD, is a leading edge innovator with its introduction of HD, 3D and PVR – a first in Malaysia, and also Video On Demand, IPTV and Over The Top services. It is the leading aggregator, creator and distributor of original multi-language content of various genres across multi-channels. Its radio network both terrestrial and digital covers all key languages cumulatively reaching 13 million weekly listeners and ranked among the top 10 stations in the country. Its digital arm involved in digital publishing, applications and platforms as well as publication of entertainment and lifestyle magazines locally. HISTORY In 1996, a state-of-the-art digital All Asia Broadcast Centre was constructed at Bukit Jalil. At the same time, the MEASAT satellite network began with the launch of MEASAT 1.The new pay-television service named Astro launched and started broadcasting with 22 television channels and 8 music channels. The launch of more MEASAT satellites from 1998 onward allowed Astro to begin expanding its services. MISSION AND VISION To create an organization that will exceed customer's expectations in quality, on time delivery, problem solving, service and cost control. This will be achieved by continuously improving the process, systems, and services with the newest technological innovations available, as well as, a focused effort by the astro employees. Astro will dedicate the resources to the customers and will re-invest the profits in Business.
Astro will make the best effort to promote from within and help employees achieve their full potential through continuous education, training, and recognition of performance. Astro will share the success with the employees through the use of bonuses and other incentives in the overall scheme to empower the employees. Astro will utilize the best consultants, which are customers, and employees to further the mission and vision, and help us make factual decisions that will maximize our opportunity for success. The primary focus will be Heat Transfer Technologies, but shall remain opportunists and consider other similar or related markets. Astro will be leaders in the development of new technology. ORGANIZATION CHART CONCLUSION Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad to become a public company
The prospectus for the listing of the satellite pay – TV service was officially launched today with an indicative price range of US$1.5 billion for its listing on the Malaysian stock exchange “Bursa Malaysia”.

Astro was established in 1996 and now has 3.1 million subscribers reaching 50% of the households in Malaysia. Through its 156 radio and TV channels the company carry, local regional and international content in multiple languages to serve all ethnic groups in Malaysia.

The Astro Initial Public Offering, which could be the country’s third-biggest this year, is expected to be listed by end of September or early October.

Astro is controlled by Malaysia’s second-richest man Mr. Ananda Krishnan, who owns telecom and energy companies. He is relisting Astro after it was privatised in 2010.

At the launch of the prospectus for the listing the Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Sri Mohd Najib Tun Haji Abdul Razak said that this is a benchmark not only for Astro but for the new media business to follow the same ambitious growth model. RALPH MARSHALL
Deputy Chairman/Group Chief Executive Offi cer DATO’ MOHAMED KHADAR
Non-Executive Director/Independent Director DATO’ HAJI BADRI HAJI MASRI
Chairman and Non-Executive Director
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