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Copy of An introduction to a padono company.

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niloofar 123

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of An introduction to a padono company.

Fashion you thirst for PANADO Padono COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Who are we? Padono A branch located in Mid Valley Megamall Lot G-008& 009, Mid Valley Megamall would act as a separate entity from “Padono”, acting as a profit center and managing the operations as well as the other functions, such as management, ordering and transportation independently. light the inner beauty in teenage girls and discover new choice . Who are our client? Our company is a online fashion shop offering innovative, high quality, fashionable and trend setting style of earrings,heals, necklace teenage girls enthusiasts. MiSSion Vision To be an inspiration for positive self-image and help teenage girls overcoming fears. SWOT ANALYSIS and ● Selling quality accessories that will attract customers.

● The prices of the accessories are reasonable.

● Our business has the highest standards of service quality and timeliness.

● We offer discounts for festival seasons.

● There would be well attractive delivery boxes given out.

● Hiring reliable individuals to run our business.

● Set a high standard of employees for our business which are customer servicers and also direct sellers.

● We treat our employees kindly. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE SWOT ANALYSIS Mass Marketing Focusing on capturing the market of those with casual attire, looking for something new.

Capture the interests of those who seek to enjoy classy style but at the same time want to experience new fashionable accessories.

Focusing on teenagers and fashion.

Placing advertisements on websites.

Printing out Brochures. The Internet Market Growth Word of Mouth
Our best ally in marketing will be word of mouth.

By providing high quality products we will gain our customers trust and attention, therefore we can rely on them promoting our products to their friends & family. Another strong way for marketing will be the bloggers around the world.

Those who have bought our products will write about it in their blogs and give reviews. That will attract more bloggers to want to buy the products and try out this new style of fashion. Our Padono Boutique is estimated to grow by at least 20% for the next few years.

This growth can be attributed to several different factors:



Free gifts to early birds Buying Pattern Delivery Way own transport


Pack the gift in beautiful gift box Online payment
Easy to pay
Any master / cradit cards Financial analysis Website
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